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How it Works For Home Owners

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How it works for Home Owners

1. Find a place

List your property for free

Create a profile and add information about your property. Make sure you have good photos. Use the calendar to set the availability.

2. Make a booking request

Review booking requests

You will receive a message when someone requests to rent your property. You have 48 hours to accept or deny their request. If you approve the request, we transfer the payment directly to your account minus a 3% service fee.

3. Approval and Payment

Earn extra money all year

Your listing is shared with all of our members looking for local & quality bedrooms and for mid to long term accommodations, with reasonable pricing.

Why Rent with Us

  • It’s free to list your property
  • You have complete control over the availability of your property.
  • You set the availability and the price.
  • Personally approve and deny all booking requests.
  • Less hassle than changing guests frequently.
  • Rent all year even in the winter months.
  • We handle all the payments, and transfer them directly to your account
  • Responsible, trustworthy renters. Most of our renters are working professionals or retired travelers. They stay longer and treat your home like their home.
 Why Rent with Us


It’s completely free to list your property! We only charge the homeowner a small 3% commission on rentals.

Honesty is paramount. The places should be clearly represented both in their description and in photos. Also, a reasonable level of responsiveness is expected, both during the booking process and during the stay. In the event that the owner does not respond to booking inquiries, we will remove the listing, in an effort to maintain a quality selection of places.

We ask that you include the cost of all usual utilities (i.e. electricity, heat, water, internet) in the monthly rent. So there is a single payment for everything.

On occasion, the owners might provide additional services, as an option (i.e. cleaning, laundry and linen services etc) which is something that can be handled between the owner and the renter at their own discretion.


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