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How it works?

We are always working on simplifying the process of listing and booking properties.


Give us a few details about your property, and upload a few great photos, by clicking on the button below.

We then immediately publish your place on our platform. You choose the months you would like to make your place available, the length of time and the rent amount.


Once we receive a booking request, we contact you to ensure availability for the requested dates. When confirmed, we collect the full amount from the renter and keep it in an escrow account.

Getting paid

Once the tenants arrive, then we transfer the money (minus the %3 commission) within 24 hours to an account of your choosing.

There are no fees or commitments to list and maintain your property on our platform, we only charge a 3% commission for the completed bookings.

Why let your home sit empty?

Earn some income during the off-season!

Don’t let your vacation home sit unused after the season is over. We screen all potential renters through our technology to ensure that they treat and care for your home as they would their own.

It’s simple to apply; we will do the rest.

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Why let your home sit empty?