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Invite a friend to join GoGoPlaces and they will get €25 off on their first booking. Once they complete a trip, you will get a €25 credit for your next adventure! Read the terms

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How it works?

GoGoPlaces is a platform for renting amazing vacation homes which otherwise just stay empty once the tourist season is over. What a waste right? By connecting people and places all over the world, we’re creating a community-driven platform, and offering opportunities to experience local life at a much lower cost, while at the same time allowing homeowners to earn additional income.

Instead of going the traditional route of leasing a house, you sign up once, and you get to go places. Stay for a month, or make it a way of life.

Our referral program allows you to experience places at an even lower cost. When you invite your friends to join the GoGoPlaces community, they get €25 off on their first trip by using your referral link. Once they complete a trip, as our appreciation you get a €25 credit for your next adventure! It gets better, you may send multiple invites and enjoy even more savings for your new way of living and traveling.

To use your discount, add the credit code at the booking page and you’ll automatically get the discount price at the checkout. You can review your travel credits at the “Dashboard” page where you can also keep track of all your referrals and see if your friends have signed up, also see your booking history. And if you own a home and listed with us, you will see those as well, where you may make any changes as necessary.

Give credits. Share experiences. Go Places!