Described as an unpolished gem of the mediterranean, Croatia is one of those places that, after you visit, you kick yourself for not having gone there sooner. Flanked by the Adriatic, which Cousteau called as one of the cleanest seas on earth. With countless islands, and just as many small idyllic towns and villages dotting its 1100 mile long coastline, Croatia truly earns its description “The Mediterranean, As It Once Was”.

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With more things to do than most time will allow, Croatia has something for everyone. From white water rafting, to world class skiing and yachting, to lounging by the sunset, and EVERYTHING else in between.

Plitvice Lake

The largest national park in Croatia and a part of UNESCO register of World Heritage Sites, Plitvice is a delicate habitat to indigenous species of flora and fauna. World famous for its cascading lakes and waterfalls, and the constantly changing colors, Plitvice offers a glimpse of nature at it’s best - when left alone.
Plitvice is easily accessible with a bus or car via the modern Croatian highway A1. It is about 35 miles from the Adriatic coast, and abo...


Whether you meander through Dubrovnik's many steep alleyways full of life and character, or take in the majestic views of the glistening Adriatic sea, from the top of the city wall, which kept Dubrovnik “civilized” for centuries, or just stroll down the marble covered Stradun; there are few places in which you will experience such effortless dignity.

And if you are lucky enough to be there during one of the klapa public performances, filling the square...


A mere 55 minute flight from Rome, City of Split, the unofficial capital of the Dalmatian coast and the second largest city in Croatia, has the old world charm and all the amenities of any European capital. Split is a vibrant city, yet a delicate puzzle of fashionable boutiques, galleries and cafes, intertwined through ancient buildings, temples and piazzas worthy of a Roman Emperor. It is a place to experience the Dalmatian life.