Q: How is this different from AirBnB?

AirBnB seems to specialize in short stays—a long weekend here, a week or two there. GoGoPlaces is designed to allow owners to rent out vacation properties for longer periods—a month to an entire season—in the local off-season.

Q: Where in the world are the properties?

Currently, we are getting established in the Mediterranean, in places like Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Italy, Portugal. And we are always expanding, and on the lookout for underutilized places waiting to be discovered once the tourists leave.

So if you have a place in mind, which has a reasonable cost of living, and could benefit from having people live there a few months at a time, then give us a shout at

Q: What does it cost?

It’s surprisingly affordable! Homeowners pay only three percent whilst renters pay only about seven to 13 percent—a little more for shorter stays and a little less for longer stays—so renters pay a lower percentage when booking more months.

Q: What are some of the main benefits of GoGoPlaces for me as a homeowner?

  • You can generate additional income from your property, instead of having it sit vacantly. At the same time, benefit from having someone live there and keep an eye on things.
  • It's a win-win for you throughout the year as a homeowner. You can have tenants for the entire off-season, and you can have the whole high season for yourself. (The offseason rental income allows this).
  • It’s a seamless process with lower overhead. You just the list the property with us once and you are all set to earn income! We handle the entire booking process, including the payment process and tenant selection.

Q: What are some of the main benefits of GoGoPlaces for me as a tenant?

  • You save money and get to live in great places! You can really get to know a place, without committing to it, especially useful if you are considering a purchase in the area.
  • Helps you budget your monthly expenses better since most of our places include everything (rent and utilities).

  • We also make sure that we only list places that have an internet connection, so it’s there if your work depends on it.

  • You can get away for an extended time for a creative pursuit. Write that book or screenplay! Bring along your watercolours or oils! (Or buy them when you arrive to get to know the local merchants)

  • We really want to make sure that our tenants have the best experience that they can trust and enjoy, and is hassle-free at the same time. All owners and tenants are verified by which means the properties are safe and reliable.


Q: What is included in the rent?

We ask that you include the cost of all usual utilities (i.e. electricity, heat, water, internet) in the monthly rent. So there is a single payment for everything.

On occasion, the owners might provide additional services, as an option (i.e. cleaning, laundry and linen services etc) which is something that can be handled between the owner and the renter at their own discretion.

Q: What are rules and regulations?

Each owner sets their own rules and regulations, which should be available for viewing prior to booking. The same goes for deposits and or cancellation policies.

At the time of the booking confirmation, we ask that you provide us with copies of the house rules and the cancellation policy, so we can incorporate them in the agreement with the renter.

Q: What is expected of the renters?

Treat the home and the owner’s property with respect, and leave the property in the same condition in which you have found.

Q: What is expected of the owners?

Honesty is paramount. The places should be clearly represented both in their description and in photos. Also, a reasonable level of responsiveness is expected, both during the booking process and during the stay. In the event that the owner does not respond to booking inquiries, we will remove the listing, in an effort to maintain a quality selection of places.

Q: What are some of the additional services to expect as a renter?

Most often having to do with pets, some owners charge a refundable deposit for pets, in case of any damage or additional cleaning. That will be communicated prior to booking and is something that is handled between the owner and the renter.

Q: How and when are the payments processed?

At the time of booking (once availability is confirmed), we collect the first month of payment, which is kept in an escrow account, which is then transferred to the owner within 24 hours of the arrival.

Q: What if the property is not what I expected?

We ask all the owners to faithfully represent their properties, in photos, description and the factual items (sq meters, number of bedrooms, location etc.). Also, we encourage the renters to ask questions about additional details. In the event that anything doesn’t seem to have been faithfully represented, then the renter is fully within their right to refuse staying there.