Why Every Digital Nomad Should Visit Romania



From the secrets of the castles in Transylvania to the multicultural Bucharest, there are many reasons people should visit Romania. The examples include the great Carpathian Mountains, the important UNESCO Danube Delta reserve, the remarkable Transfagarasan Highway, and the best: the Romanians hospitality. In addition, the country has become popular among Digital Nomads, especially for the ones who are searching for a good value for money destinations in Europe, and here you will find out 5 reasons why.

Bran Castle - Romania

Bran Castle. Nomadic Julien, @nomadicjulien

1 – It Is Possible To Visit Romania Every Season Of The Year

From winter to summer, the country has a regular seasonality during the year and of course, we have our preference. The best time to visit the country is between April and October where you can enjoy summer and the best season inside the country: the autumn. At the beginning of autumn, you can find a movie atmosphere of brown and red colours on the trees and mountains with a predictable warm day and cold weather during the night. You can enjoy the moderately hot days and work near a fireplace during the night. But do not worry if you are going during the winter or spring because some of the activities such as hiking, or camping are possible to be done at any time of the year.

Transfagarasan- Romania

Transfagarasan. CALIN STAN @calinstan

2 – The Local People Are Super Friendly

The Romanians are very warm and approachable people. It is not hard to make new friends and talk to local people inside the country. It is common that locals invite you to their home to know about their family and culture and feed you with local food like there is no tomorrow!! If you are up to make new connections either for work or for your experience this is the place for you. You should also consider the country is a safe country for tourists in general, including women travelling alone. Just open your heart for the local people and you will make friends for your life.

3 – The cost of living in Romania 

The country is one of the cheapest countries in Europe according to Numbeo. You can pay a lunch meal with 5 EUR and you can find a good local beer for just 1 EUR – 2 USD. You can eat outside and go to happy hours and still save some money at the end of the month. But be aware: although it is a European country, they are not in the EURO zone, so you need to exchange your money to Romania Lei. Another important tip: the country is not in the Schengen zone but most of the European countries and the USA do not need a visa to go, which also helps to save money for the beers.

4 – Very good internet speed

According to the Worldwide broadband speed league 2019, the country is one of the best internet speeds in the region and it is easy to find a good spot inside the cafes and malls. If you work uploading videos and photos you know the importance of a reliable connection and you can see the difference of the country among the neighbourhoods.

5 – Fun Activities 

From the breathtaking nature, the amazing historical architecture and folk culture, up to the delicious Romanian food, you have a lot of things to do. Take a break and go check the legends of the castles in Transylvania and folklore and history in Bucharest. If you like adventure, you can hike the Carpathian Mountains, see the beauty of the Bigăr waterfall or Berca mud volcanoes. And the best on top: you can visit the Transylvania, Cluj, Timisoara or even cities in other countries such as Budapest staying in Bucharest or any other of these cities. It is very easy to travel around Romania and city breaks are also an option if you like to travel around your destination.

 Waterfall Bigar - Romania

 Waterfall Bigar. Sherise.@iamsherise

If you are a Digital Nomad searching for the next adventure for sure this is one place that you should consider on your list: any time of the year, possibility to make friends, good life cost and internet speed and a lot of things to do to make your adventure very special.