Why digital nomads should experience remote work in Mallorca?



Created in Collaboration with Lucky Paradise

If you’re a digital nomad and wondering about your future destination in Europe for your next mid-long term stay, you could find here some good arguments to convince yourself to live an inspiring experience in Mallorca.

Through digital nomads’ experiences and feedbacks from people living there, you’ll discover the secrets of a good life on the island. The island is opening more and more coworking and co-living spaces to welcome people working remotely. Can you imagine working in a villa with a swimming pool in front of the Mediterranean Sea?

Rugged coastline, sandy beaches, clear sapphire waters like in the Maldives, sunny days all the year, and a very good work environment… The island has everything to seduce new entrepreneurs, an ideal living environment surrounded by nature. Mallorca is a real corner of paradise, a destination you can’t miss for many reasons… If you’ve never been to Palma, it’s time to check it out!

Mallorca in February


More than 300 days of sunshine a year, Mallorca is the destination where you can get a sunburn of happiness. The island offers several exciting activities including water sports, hiking, gastronomy, and cultural events without forgetting the important place of arts in the Mallorca life.

Often considered as a summer holiday destination, Mallorca has a lot to offer during the off-season, when temperatures drop to 15-20 degrees 🙂 and the flow of tourists decreases. You can cruise Palma in peace, admiring the gothic architecture, and having a stop in Valdemossa at the end of the day, between the Serra de Tramuntana, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Off-season Majorca will steal your heart, you will have the luck to discover unique things without tourists and practice some outside activities slowly such as the most iconic hiking route in Mallorca “the “Ruta de Pedra en Sec” or GR221 which follows 168,4km of signposted trails through dry stonework terraces.

Mallorca is more relax and quiet than we think: this is one of these destinations where time stops. Go off to explore the creeks, the monasteries lost in the mountains.

In short, there are wonderful seaside and mountain landscapes, an untouched natural environment where you can relax and enjoy the present moment.


Nomadism makes you dream of course, but sometimes it is a difficult step. Indeed, it requires a good dose of courage and self-confidence. We often have some concerns about the destination we choose: asking about the activities to do, people we will meet, how long are we staying?

Meet at Lucky Paradise a community where people are consciously connected to others and nature. You will be surrounded by like-minded and talented residents, with whom you will connect with a positive mindset. Everything is made to have a great community life during in-house parties, artistic, leisure, sport, and cultural activities.  External activities are also organized to connect you to the island such as biking, hiking, boat, and local food options.

Matthieu Zeilas, co-founder of Lucky Paradise Coliving is now the ambassador of the Cocohub community which is the first decentralized global co-living & coworking community for digital nomads: https://cocohub.io/community/europe/spain/palma

 His goal is simple:  to connect you with other digital nomads on the island, ensure you grow personally, and make sure you live comfortably.

Finally, in another house managed by Lucky Paradise, parties will be organized to connect people. The atmosphere will be nice with local food, Dj set live and many surprises to come. Moreover, once a month, a retreat will be arranged for those who want to disconnect or reconnect to nature and the present moment.


Choosing Mallorca as a nomad destination is part of the desire to develop and practice slow tourism for the Lucky Paradise team. Digital nomads are made to run and run from one city to another without having a local impact. Nowadays, the vision has changed and it’s imperative to consume and product local to privilege short circuits and sustain the local economy.

Consuming local products and seasonal helps the economy in the area: a euro spent on local products generates double for the local economy.

Having a local impact is the main priority for the Lucky paradise team. They’ve created partnerships with local producers such as farmers or receptive agencies to organize their events and retreats. They also want to connect local entrepreneurs with digital nomads to brainstorm together and create new concepts. Meeting local people is very important to develop your curiosity, be open-minded, and grow personally.

When you’re digital nomad, it’s sometimes complicated to be 100% green especially with the use of the Internet. Even if it is pollution that we do not see, computer pollution is quite impactful on the environment. Masterclasses and mastermind sessions about this topic will be organized also to help you clean your computer and understand how to save this energy.


Although Palma has made its reputation as a tourist destination, it is nevertheless a cultural, architectural and gastronomic destination known in all the world.

For many, Mallorca is considered to have a bohemian vibe such as Ibiza, attracting artists from all over the world. Moreover, the island has a distinct Catalan culture, which adds even more charm.

During the season, it is often very complicated to take away when it comes to visiting a known place in Mallorca. Think outside the box, the island is full of magnificent coves unknown or calas such as Calo des Moro. You will have time to explore tourist places off-season like you’re local now.

The beautiful island of Mallorca offers many hidden gems that only the locals or well-informed foreigners know about. Guess what? We can help you!! Polensa with his attractive narrow streets and his famous harbor. Formentor where the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range meets the Mediterranean, at the end of a 20-kilometer peninsula. Or the old town of Saller with his valley’s abundant citrus groves.

Therefore, you’ll understand it takes months to discover the island…

In conclusion, Mallorca is an excellent destination for those nomads who want to enjoy the sun and spend maximum time living on the island. Conditions are ideal for them, there are a vibrant café-culture and environment.

Lucky paradise team is gathering a community of digital nomads into the island. The first coliving-coworking is opening in August and will propose a housing experience with comfortable rooms, swimming pool. If you’re interested in this project, you can follow them and register right here


We are waiting for you in the Balearic islands!!