Why Croatia is the best 2020 destination



Everyone has a lot of expectations of how travel will be after COVID-19 boarders ban finishes. Thus, with the summer ahead and the number of contaminated cases decreased, some countries already open their borders for some visitors like Croatia. Nevertheless, the number of visitors, nomads, and tourists is under what is expected for the 2020 summer season. Now, you can check some information about this country for the ones that are
considering going to Croatia after COVID-19, and here you will understand why it is so important to go for this country as soon as you can.

But first things first: Tourism is an important industry in the country and it is devastating to see that Croatia Airlines saw a 95% drop in passenger numbers in April, 94% decline in May, and an 81% decrease in June according to See News. Now, with the borders open, the transportation is ready to receive the guests, and the tourism sector is an important share of Croatia’s GDP and has been hit heavily by the coronavirus pandemic. But do not worry about information, you can find some info about the pandemic situation in the country in the CroatiaCOVID19.info´s website. Moreover, the government suggests the travelers make a registration in Entering Croatia to facilitate entering the country.

Also, the European Union created the Re-open EU website to keep up all the information about who can travel to Croatia (and Europe) centralized. When all EU/EEA nationals, as well as their family members (regardless of their residence), and third-country nationals who are long-term residents can enter Croatia under the same conditions as before the COVID-19 outbreak. Be prepared to spend some time on the boarders because they will check all the documentation and information of all visitors. This also applies to nationals of the Principality of Andorra, the Republic of San Marino, the Principality of Monaco, and the Holy See. Forbes confirmed that the borders are also open for U.S. residents and American tourists and business travelers.

Out of my experience, this is the best moment to stay longer in the country since the number of tourists is still low and you can enjoy the beaches, bars, restaurants, and all the lifestyle better. Also, you can start to look at your accommodation with GoGoPlaces. I went to Dubrovnik on June 1st flying out of Germany with a mask (obligatory) and with 1.5m distancing in the airport and in the airplane where the middle seats were free.

In Dubrovnik, the city is known as ‘the pearl of the Adriatic,’ which are usually full of people, were like this:

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Imagine the Plaža Banje, Dubrovnik like this!!!

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The old town, Dubrovnik

I recommend Dubrovnik for the remote workers not only because of the stunning beaches, good cost of living, safety, and good internet connection (ehehe), but because it is easy to connect with the locals and do business. Dubrovnik is also very green and with good air quality on average and you can check some information about the Most unique attractions in Croatia.  

Regarding the locals, people are very warm and easy-going, and it is not hard to talk about the rules after the pandemic and understand the dynamic of traveling around. For example, I rented a car to do a trip on the coast and I was the only reservation the company had in the day I was taking the car. The guy on the desk told me that last year in June the average number was 40 cars per day, and he hopes that the tourism industry comes back as soon as possible for the business to move on. Unfortunately, you can also check that some places did not survive the crisis and they close their doors but some of them are already open.

All places were respecting the limitations of people in the supermarkets and churches and mask is obligatory. The restaurants and cafes were around -25% at all prices (!) to stimulate people to have their meals with them. You can choose one with outdoor tables and enjoy your meal after work and for a happy hour. The atmosphere is amazingly tranquil and cozy for both work and relaxing time and you can visit the classic Game of Thrones locations.

My experience was so good that I took one day with not so good weather to go to Zagreb. Some of the hotspots of the city are also empty and If you want to talk with a local you can find a lot of local people in the public squares and cafes around the city center. Also, Zagreb is on 57th place on Nomad List with very friendly local people, good value for money, and internet connection. You can find a lot of places to work from and you feel like a big city: there is always something that is going on and you can enjoy the rainy days. It is also recommendable for vegans and vegetarians with some very good vegan food. Check some slow tourism suggestions to Going off the beaten path.

Another big advantage of Croatia is that you can visit some countries around by car, bus or airplane. The country is well connected with roads and flights, and you can take a break at the weekend to visit Slovenia and Hungary, or even a boat to Italy, for example.

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Radićeva ul., Zagreb

After all, I recommend people to experience Croatia after COVID-19 pandemic respecting all the rules and checking all the information available. Also, as a nomad, it is important to not go with a list of things to do. Be open to the journey and try to connect and see if this is the right place to be for you. I also suggest trying other cities such as Pula and Rovinj. Besides that, you should take into consideration that the whole country is ready to receive the nomads, tourists, and visitors that are important for their businesses but do not forget your mask at home 😉