Top European Mountain Escapes for Digital Nomads



Even the best of us experience FOMO. If you’re not familiar with this popular term, it means “fear of missing out,” and it’s something that can distract us even when we’re facing the most crucial of deadlines. And while your friends and family are enjoying a traditional summer break, it can be difficult to focus when you feel cooped up and glued to a laptopdeprived of vitamin D, with no contact to the outside world. It’s a harsh reality for nomadic professionals, but a fair tradeoff for the copious amount of perks that come with this lifestyle.

Fortunately, there’s an incredible list of summer destinations that allow you to have the best of both worlds. Mountain escapes garner attention in the winter for their expansive slopes and warm, fireside cocktails at the lodge. But don’t forget that these same peaks and valleys have their own special attributes that make them worthwhile in the summer. Dive deep into your work and bask in regions that are quiet enough for you to hone in on your craft, while still being common enough for you to get a strong wifi connection.

Check out this list of the top mountain escapes in Europe where you can truly dive into your work without missing out on the essence of summer. And who knows, you might end up venturing to a country that’s never even been on your radar.


Eastern Europe gets far less attention from travelers and digital nomads, mostly because of the lack of exposure this region has on blogs, Instagram feeds and travel guides. With that said, devoted history aficionados should not shy away from Bulgariaa country whose name is as old as Europe itself.

With its Roman influence and obsession with roses (rightfully so, as the country produces nearly 80% of the world’s rose oil), there’s a vast amount to uncover in this mountainous region. And to reveal the magic, you don’t only have to visit during the bitter winter months. Summer in Bulgaria has its own charm, and with nearly one-third of the country covered in forest, there are endless possibilities when it comes to reveling in the great outdoors.

Melnik, Bulgaria-Gently settled between Sofia and Greece, Melnik takes the title of Bulgaria’s smallest city. This natural and architectural reservation is a summer hotspot for many reasonsone being the quality of wine that is produced here.

Rila, Bulgaria– Summit Bulgaria’s highest mountains in Rila. With its jagged peaks and mystical forests, you’ll be stunned by the contrasting landscape here. Find your way to the Seven Rila Lakes, and get lost in some of the world’s untouched beauty.

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  • Price of an 11 oz beer at the grocery store: €1
  • Price of a cappuccino: €1
  • Price of local cheese: €2.40 per pound
  • Price of an apartment in the center of Sofia: €270 per month
  • Price of a sit-down meal: €5



Prizren Fortress | ©Agon Nimani
Kosovo | ©Valon Begolli

Celebrating 10 years of independence from Serbia, Kosovo is booming, with an overwhelmingly young population who are optimistic about the country’s future. As if the pulsing nightlife scene isn’t enough to prove that a multitude of cultures surges through this region, Kosovo is also home to a few international megastars such as Dua Lipa and Rita Ora, who are bringing attention to this often forgotten area.

While global politics and limited opportunities have nearly suffocated the economy, Kosovo is working to bring in new life to its eclectic terrain. In fact, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo has praised the country for lifting certain taxes and duties for local manufacturers. As the government works to support the private sector, new policies could come to play that will not only positively affect Kosovo citizens but expats and travelers as well.

If you are in the mood for effervescent cocktails and a unique blend of tradition and modernity, Kosovo’s capital, Prishtina, may be a great starting off point. But, if you want to escape to the stunning glacial lakes and limestone cliffs of the Dinaric Alps, that is at your fingertips as well.

DokuFestThough the popular international short film and documentary festival, DokuFest,  only takes place once a year, it’s worthy of a spot on your calendar. This festival draws chic crowds from around the globe.

Brezovica Mountains, Kosovo-Known as a popular winter retreat within the Sharri National Park, Brezovica is smaller than what’d you expect, which adds to its incredible charm. Hike and marvel at the rare Balkan creatures and enjoy the uninterrupted views.

Peja, Kosovo-From every little crevice in town you can view the mountains along the horizon. The city truly comes alive in the summer months, and you’ll find pleasure cruising up and down Peja’s walking streets, which teem with watering holes and eateries suitable for any palate.

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  • Price of an 11 oz imported beer: €1.50
  • Price of a three-course sit-down meal for 2: €14
  • Price of a shot of espresso: €0.40
  • Price of a bottle of local Cabernet: €3
  • Price of a dozen eggs: €0.89



Forget about the images of crumbling castles, dreary skies and Dracula that often arise when hearing of Romania. This country’s beauty sort of creeps up on you, as the fairytale-like sceneries of the forests and fortresses reveal themselves.

Romania is a popular destination for families looking for ski getaways, without having to pay the exorbitant lodging fees that you’ll find in the Alps of Austria or Switzerland. The slopes, covered in alabaster snow in the winter, prove to be just as magnetic during the spring and summer seasons.

Architectural jewels can be found speckled throughout the country, some, seemingly untouched by the passage of time. If you’re looking for a spot to settle (for the time being), Romania has kind locals, reasonable prices and an immense beauty that stretches across its coordinates.

Sibiu, Romania-If you’re a digital nomad looking for a place to plant your roots, Sibiu might be just the right choice. Voted the 8th most idyllic place to live in Europe by Forbes, you might just find yourself having a hard time packing your bags to leave. Here you’ll find a cozy town with loads of activities, and of course, ranges of gorgeous mountains.

Busteni, Romania-This small mountain town in central Romania offers much more than warm lodges and pastel-colored cottages. Surrounded by the Bucegi mountains, there are thrilling outdoor activities to take your mind off of work.  

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  • Price of an 11 oz beer at the grocery store: €0.60
  • Price of a casual sit-down meal: €4
  • Price of a chicken breast from the grocery store: €1.70
  • Price of a meal from McDonald’s: €3.86


Due to media coverage that seems to broadcast in a vacuum, the world’s viewpoint of Serbia is quite arbitrary. In a region often overshadowed by war, it’s hard to believe that a country such as Serbia could offer so much to touristsand expats who are willing to look a bit deeper.

From cozy villages in Zaovine to bustling nightclubs in Belgradeall the way to the canyons of Eastern Serbia and beyond, you should have no problem finding something that will pique your interest.

While you might not be aware that Serbia is on the cutting edge of beer and cuisine, true foodies know that this Balkan country is the real culinary hidden gem of Europe. As if delectable cuisine is not enough to place Serbia on your itinerary, more than affordable prices should seal the deal.  

Zlatibor, Serbia-Reigning 1,000 meters above sea level, Zlatibor sits as a popular summer destination and an unbelievable hub for culture, with festivals, art exhibits and musical happenings booming in the area. Tour the city by foot or take the aerial view by joining other travelers as they paraglide in the wind.

Kopaonik, Serbia-Kopaonik has 200 sunny days out of the year, so it’s no wonder that droves of tourists flock to Serbia’s largest mountain range all year-around. As one of the most biodiverse areas of Serbia for flora and fauna, what grows from the ground is just as striking as the peaks that hover over Kopaonik.

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  • Price of an 11 oz beer: €0.50
  • Price of a sit-down meal: €3-8
  • Price of an apartment in Belgrade’s city center: €235 per month
  • Price of a loaf of fresh bread: €0.34


Find your way to one of Europe’s smallest countries and discover its mountain landscapes, fusion cuisine and of course… duty-free shopping. With partial status as a tax-haven and an estimated 10 million tourists each year, prices in Andorra aren’t as thrifty as the other countries on this list, but the offerings make it well-worth your time and money.

With its interesting history and albeit, strange government practices (it’s the only country in the world with two princes), Andorra might be quaint, but pleasant surprises can be found everywhere.

Many travelers find that a trip to Andorra can simply be plugged into an already packed schedule in France or Spain. However, expats and digital nomads flock to this micro-country for a chance at relaxation and an opportunity to really immerse themselves in the serene surroundings. Once the last snow has melted from the tips of the Pyrenees mountains, a different kind of adventure awaits.

Ordino, Andorra-Ordino is a fantastic example of the blend of nature and modern-society that collides so gracefully in Andorra. The customs and traditions of rural life are prominent here but make no mistake, there’s a place here for nomads looking to get away from it all, up in the Pyrenees mountains.

Canillo, Andorra-As the religious center of Andorra and home to the most well preserved Romanesque churches in the Pyrenees, Canillo is a gorgeous town where culture and folklore align. Spend the day gazing at the religious sites and enjoy a quiet evening brainstorming your next trip.

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  • Price of an 11 oz imported beer: €2.87
  • Price of a gallon of milk: €3
  • Price of an 11 oz bottle of water: €1.35
  • Price of a one-bedroom apartment outside of the city center: €450 per month

Indulge in the allure of the mountains and make time for the important things in life. You might not be out drinking on the beach with the rest of the world’s travelers, but the peace of mind and productivity is sure to feel a whole lot better.

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