Top 10 Jobs for Digital Nomads



Location independence is more than just a job perk. For many professionals navigating the upper rungs of the job market, it’s absolutely non-negotiable. While your skills may not be fine-tuned to the same level as the top blockchain engineers or app developers, there are great opportunities for inquisitive newcomers and seasoned vets alike.

In the past, travel-obsessed professionals really only had one way to see the world. They entered an exhausting cycle that went a little something like thiswork yourself to the bone, save money, burn-out, buy a one-way ticket, travel and explore, run out of money, go home and do it all over again.

Now, with globalization and the power of technology, the opportunities are limitless, and millions of people are taking advantage of their ability to work and play as they see fit. If you’re looking to erase the stark line that inhibits you from work-life balance, check out these 10 jobs for digital nomads, and get ready for your next excursion.

Online Customer Service

As an aspiring digital nomad who is searching for a viable entry into the world of location independence, a customer service position is the perfect gateway. Though experience requirements vary from one company to another, most businesses are looking to hire someone who is simply passionate about people.

If you can prove that you truly care about a company’s values and culture, you should be able to pass that knowledge on to the customer via impeccable service. Having great writing skills and a sincere speaking voice are major bonuses.

While pay can range anywhere from $10-$20 an hour, one of the best parts of being a customer service representative is that start-up costs are next to nothing! As long as you have a computer and cell phone, you should be good to go. If a company requires more than these basic necessities, they will usually ship them to you free of charge!

To stand at the front line of a company’s success, check out this website for online customer service jobs.

Take the path to location independence with these top 10 jobs for digital nomads! Success is just a few steps away.


If you have an eye for lighting, composition and detail, becoming a professional photographer could be a wonderful career path to explore. While the title of “photographer” carries an elite image of editorial artists shooting campaigns for haute-couture houses around the world, the reality is, there are endless opportunities for photographers of all kinds.

Fortunately, with constantly evolving technology, you don’t have to invest a fortune for your first camera. You can find reasonably priced DSLR or mirrorless cameras online or you can even hunt down a used camera for a portion of the price! With a creative touch, solid equipment and editing software such as Lightroom or Photoshop (which you can use for roughly $10 a month), you are ready to market yourself and make money!

As a nomadic photographer, there are endless possibilities for work. You can take tourists on photo tours of your city. They pay you to show them the most beautiful spots in town, you take stunning pictures of them during their excursions and they get to go home with more than just selfies. Current rates for these kinds of tours range from $20 USD per hour and up, depending on your city and skill level.

If you have a truly commercial touch, you can sell your photos to stock-image sites like Shutterstock and Getty Images. Define your niche, build strong social media accounts and integrate e-commerce into your online portfolio! For a full breakdown check out this article!

Local Representative

With a slew of multinational companies such as Airbnb, Uber and even Gogo Places, it’s imperative to have local managers who can oversee new business opportunities at the ground level. If you have experience in management or operations, this could be a great opportunity for you to be the eyes and ears of the company in your designated location. Not only does this type of role offer freedom and flexibility in the daily routine, it also keeps you open for new travel opportunities. What digital nomad wouldn’t love that?

Local representatives might be in charge of scouting properties for luxury real estate firms, on-boarding new hosts for home share programs, or even ensuring that rental properties are up to code and follow the proper guidelines of the platform.

Gogo Places is searching for representatives in countries ranging from Montenegro to Sri-Lanka and so many places in-between. Check out the full job description here!

Take the path to location independence with these top 10 jobs for digital nomads! Success is just a few steps away.


In the past 10 years, bloggers have absolutely changed the landscape for big and small businesses. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for TV commercials, companies are setting their sights on bloggers and influencers who have loyal followers.

Becoming a “professional” blogger takes time, endless hours of work and tons of determination. Even though there are endless ways to make money as a blogger, you have to be able to provide value. It doesn’t matter if that value is in the form of videos, photos, or articles—it just has to be constant, consistent and creative! Whether it’s monetizing your blog through ads, getting brands to pay you for sponsored content, or even making affiliate income from promoting the brands that you love, there are many paths to profit.

Bloggers and influencers at the top could make as much as $10,000 per post, while others could work for years earning commissions as low as $5… if that. That said, don’t be discouraged by your numbers at the beginning. If you have a small audience of people who trust you, you are well on your way to success.

Take a look at this article to learn more about blog monetization.

Sales & Business Development

If you know how to get a company’s products in front of new markets— and even more importantly, know how to close the deal, sales and business development could be a practical career path. Instead of schlepping into an office every day, use those same techniques and networks to be a business development digital nomad! In fact, since many jobs require developers to travel for conferences and meetings, it’s quite a natural fit.

While formal qualifications aren’t always necessary, many companies will require that you have some sort of business degree or extensive experience in a similar position. If you are socially adept, have strong IT fluency and have a deep understanding of the business at hand, you should have no problem prospering in this field. Depending on experience, salaries can start at $36,00 per year.

Take the path to location independence with these top 10 jobs for digital nomads! Success is just a few steps away.


Do you cringe when you see Facebook posts with improper use of the words “there,” “their” and “they’re”? Do you have hawk-like vision when it comes to spotting grammatical errors? Are you a maestro when it comes to word choice, flow and storytelling? If you answered yes to any of these questions, working as an editor or proofreader is the position for you.

To find an online job as an editor, it’s preferable that you have a degree in journalism, creative writing, or communications—as well as some experience in the field. If you don’t have any experience, start creating your own content! Write blog articles or current event pieces that prove you have what it takes to create captivating content. Most importantly, show potential employers that you have an impeccable eye for language, syntax and voice. Want to know what makes a truly great editor? Check out this piece by the New York Times!

A scan through Jobs for Editors, UpWork or even a simple Google search can be an easy way to find openings in this field!

Online Course Creator

Rather than pay for expensive classes or enroll in school, people are turning to the internet to pick-up new skills. This means that it is the perfect opportunity for you to hone in on your talents, and teach others what you know.

With basic platforms such as Powerpoint, Camtasia and Teachable, everything you need to put together an informative online course is at your fingertips. For newcomers without a built-in audience, websites such as Udemy are powerful platforms that can get your content in front of thousands of people. It’s simple—create value, inspire your students and grow. Online courses can range anywhere from $5 to thousands of dollars for esteemed coaches and creators.

For a list of companies looking for in-house course creators, click here!

Take the path to location independence with these top 10 jobs for digital nomads! Success is just a few steps away.

ESL Teacher

What better way to see the world than traveling and teaching the next generation? Being an ESL teacher is a wonderful way to make money in a foreign place. Not to mention, certain programs will actually help with visas, accommodations and even food stipends.

There are numerous programs for ESL teaching. Some require degrees in education while others look for certificates from official teaching platforms. Your course of study could be online or in-person. The options are limitless.

Pay depends on experience, location and job openings. There are teachers in places such as Hong Kong who can rake in over $100,000 a year teaching English at prestigious private schools. In other cities, you might make around $10 an hour.  If you’d like to use your talents to teach children, click here for teaching opportunities.

Social Media Marketing

What started as a way to show your friends what you ate for dinner has now become a tool that companies use to growth-hack their business and spread their message to the masses. The beauty of being a social media marketer is that you often don’t need a formal degree, just proof of concept. That said, being a social media marketer doesn’t only mean you can post pictures to Facebook and call it a day.

Social media marketers have to be able to analyze trends and statistics while maintaining the voice and mission of the business. In a world filled with selfies and viral videos, it’s extremely difficult to get content in front of viewers. Being a social media marketer can be a natural entry into becoming a digital nomad. Hourly rates can vary between $10-$50… and up! Click here to get your application started today!

Virtual Assistant

If becoming a digital nomad is your goal, but you don’t have the experience for most jobs on the market, becoming a virtual assistant is a definite way to get your feet in the door. Virtual assistants handle everything that a “traditional” assistant might. From responding to emails, customer service responsibilities and clerical tasks, all the way to bookkeeping and scheduling—virtual assistants do it all!

Level-up your telecommunication skills, know your way around the latest software and programs and get started now. Virtual assistants charge anywhere from $9 an hour to $70 an hour depending on experience and responsibilities.

Though starting out may be difficult, location independence is absolutely worth it. Once you’ve found your way in the nomadic lifestyle, book your extended stay with Gogo Places. Whether it’s a month or a year, stay and pave your own way.