Top Travel & Work Experiences for Digital Nomads



Taking a chance on the nomadic lifestyle means giving up certainty for freedom. For most of us, the fear of the unknown is harrowing. We’re used to repetition, schedules and structure. But what happens when you start listening to that little voice in the back of your head, the one that tells you to try something new? You just might find that a lifestyle change is exactly what you need.

Fortunately, the nomadic pioneers before us have paved the way and blurred lines between country borders and cultures. With an ample amount of resources and information, there’s no reason to be fearful of this lifestyle. And if you’re wary of packing up and jet-setting on your own, you can pass the heavy lifting on to trusted professionals. Check out the top remote living experiences where you can work, travel and meet new friends100% tailored to your lifestyle.


Outsite Locations: Lisbon, Bali, Oahu, San Juan & Beyond

Price: Ranges from $50-$80/night

If you’re a social creature who fears that life as a remote worker could be lonely…you’d certainly be right. Take a peek inside any private group for digital nomads, and you will quickly see the same qualm repeated over and over again. Remote work can be isolating, which is why it’s vital to surround yourself with like-minded individuals.

An Outsite member with a tremendous career at Yelp and Apple wanted to leave Silicon Valley to see what the world had to offer. But even with her vast experience in tech, she had to learn quite a few things when it came to being a digital nomad. “Be organized and good at calendaring and planning. Set up a PO Box. Learn what’s necessary to bring with you…But, mostly, expect to change the way you work and have fun.”

Remote Year

With remote work & other like-minded individuals, you can travel the world & build a strong career. Check out these remote work experiences for nomads!

Remote Year Locations: Malaysia, Colombia, Japan & beyond

Price: Starting at $2,000

When booking an experience with Remote Year, the company makes it very clear that you can absolutely have your cake and eat it too! You shouldn’t have to choose between work and travel. Remote year offers itineraries that span the globe, so you’ll easily find a course that matches your needs.

And while you could certainly travel the world for a cheaper price than Remote Year offers, “Remotes” value the friendships and connections that can only be found through the curated itineraries and fusion of professionals in this vibrant experience.

Freedom X Fest by Coworkation

With remote work & other like-minded individuals, you can travel the world & build a strong career. Check out these remote work experiences for nomads!

Location: Northern Spain

Price: Tickets starting at $136

As far as immersive experiences go, it doesn’t get more hands-on than Freedom X Fest by Coworkation. Nestled in the Pyrenees mountains of Spain with over 1,000 attendees, thought-leaders from the nomadic movement gather to collaborate in workshops and create momentum for the next chapter of their journey.

Prior attendees felt an undeniable energy that is exacerbated by the stunning surroundings and loaded schedule. What’s most amazing is that even with guests from all walks of life (working in various fields while speaking an assortment of languages), the word “home” kept revealing itself when these guests were asked about their experience.

If you’d like the opportunity to bond with professionals with the same mindset and objectives as you, click here for tickets and registration—plus, take advantage of our Gogo Place’s partnership discount!

Nomad House

Nomad House Locations: Vietnam, Spain, Portugal, Croatia & beyond

Price: Starting at $1,300

Whether you’re a CEO or are just getting started with your freelance career, you’ll find inspiration at Nomad House. With 30-day themed retreats, you’ll have an ample amount of time to explore your new surroundings while really plunging into your work.

Nomad House attendees find that the best way to describe this experience would be balance. Often times, these guided experiences will be distinctly polarizing because no one wants to feel as though every minute of their day is being regulated. However, you certainly don’t want to be surrounded by party animals as you are trying to work, earn and elevate yourself.  

With a sweet spot somewhere in the middle, an excursion with Nomad House proves that work-life balance is absolutely possible.

The Remote Life

With remote work & other like-minded individuals, you can travel the world & build a strong career. Check out these remote work experiences for nomads!

The Remote Life Locations: Cambodia, Czech Republic, Hungary & beyond

Price: $2,000/Month – $600/Weekly

Most participants of the Remote Life stick around for a 3-month stay. However, this flexible company understands that every journey is unique, so if you’re looking to test the waters, the Remote Life just might be a perfect choice. With a built-in community, delicious food, dedicated workspaces, invigorating experiences and seamless itineraries, the Remote Life is made for inquisitive newcomers.

While the Remote Life doesn’t offer remote work positions or assignments, the team does handle all accommodations so all you have to do is choose your destination and take a flight!


Unsettled Locations: Italy, Africa, Argentina & beyond

Price: Experiences starting at $1,300

Flaunting the term “(un)structure,” Unsettled is all about collaboration, immersion and connection in unbelievable destinations around the world. For the digital nomad who has navigated the scene for a while or the professional who is simply on sabbatical, Unsettled offers full flexibility with enriched local experiences.

Attendees of Unsettled end up saying “yes” to all sorts of new (and maybe even uncomfortable) experiences. What would happen to your life if you stopped hesitating and started saying “yes?” Unsettled travelers find that you’ll come out the other side feeling prosperous.

“We also have a strong framework for designing our experiences, incorporating certain elements that we find lead to memorable experiences in any destination we travel to. This includes our family-style meals and peer-to-peer workshops run by participants…from branding to cryptocurrency, meditation to Crossfit, design thinking to creative brainstorming, and a number of core workshops we run on each trip,” says co-founder, Jonathan Kalan.


Venture With Impact

With remote work & other like-minded individuals, you can travel the world & build a strong career. Check out these remote work experiences for nomads!

Venture With Impact locations: Colombia, Thailand, Portugal

Price: Starting at $1,750

Traveling the world and making money from your laptop might be satisfying, but there is nothing quite like giving back, and the attendees of Venture With Impact can attest to the power in philanthropy. When you sign-on for a month with Venture With Impact, you have the opportunity to truly create change in the local community.

A PhD candidate in social work at the University of Iowa took her time with VWI and not only hosted workshops on crisis prevention and healing for women, but also was able to conduct research on the matter. She found that about 45% of women are abused in Thailand, and this practical research aligned with the theoretical skeleton of her dissertation.

We all find fulfillment in different things, for some, it’s their career, for others it’s philanthropyand for these attendees, it’s a bit of both. What’s offered here is truly priceless.

Remote Way

With remote work & other like-minded individuals, you can travel the world & build a strong career. Check out these remote work experiences for nomads!

Remote Way Locations: Chile, Croatia, Vietnam & beyond

Price: Starting at $2,000/month

Work, play, eat and learn with 36 other travelers who comprise the diverse community of Remote Way. This experience includes transportation between each destination, co-working spaces, living accommodations and exciting activities and day-trips. Don’t sweat the small stuff when you can simply show-up and explore.

If you’re looking to possibly surround yourself with CEOs or employees of Fortune 500 firms, the Remote Way offers a sense of sophistication that sets it apart from other companies of its kind. Creator, Michele Romanow, is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, and you can feel this presence in the daily operations of the Remote Way experience.

Wifi Tribe

With remote work & other like-minded individuals, you can travel the world & build a strong career. Check out these remote work experiences for nomads!

Wifi Tribe Locations: Africa, Europe, South America & beyond

Price: Starting at $1,100

Want to stay for 6 weeks? Not a problem. Have an inkling for an extended stay? That’s fine too! At Wifi Tribe, guests can choose how many chapters (4-6 weeks) they want to stay within a 12-month period. Wifi Tribe is all about slow travel, so if you are obsessed with checking countries off of your list, this probably isn’t the exact experience for you.

What sets the Wifi Tribe apart is their emphasis on inclusion and community. This gifted group of entrepreneurs, organizers and travelers are quite impressive, and the fact that the company’s founders are present for each trip proves how dedicated they are to their mission.

Packing up your bags and moving to a foreign land can be as intimidating as it sounds. But with Gogo Places, we’re here to make sure the transition is seamless. With long-term rentals in some of the most gorgeous places in the world, Gogo Places is introducing flexible living in exciting places, one month, or more, at a time.