How to Kick Start 2018 as a Digital Nomad – Useful Tools & Resources



It’s the last month of 2017 already, and it is the time for holidays and New Year eve. It is also the time of the year to introspect for the new year that begins, to set those new year resolutions & goals – however small, big or crazy it might be. Here are some awesome tools, tips & tricks or life hacks for 2018 as a digital nomad!

Conferences to Attend

With the exponential growth of the tribe of digital nomads, there has been an increase in the number of conferences, workshops, seminars, meetups and work on the go experiences every year.

Here are some of our picks to help you make it as a digital nomad/entrepreneur.

Nomad Summit – Chiang Mai – Jan 2018

The 4th edition of the Nomad Summit would be held at none other than the Mecca for digital nomads – Chiang Mai. Considering that the city is home to remote working individuals in high numbers, this might be worth attending to network, connect and crack some businesses.

Hackers ParadiseMultiple Locations

Bali, the other exotic destination for digital nomads would be the venue for a few summits as well in 2018, and Hackers Paradise is one that can be considered.

The good thing is that if you cannot make it to their Bali’s edition, you could make it up across any of their other meets spread geographically across the globe including Vietnam, Brazil and Colombia.

Check out the details here.

The Remote Experience – Multiple Locations

The Remote Experience is a unique way to travel & learn. As stated by them ‘Learn the skills for a career you love while traveling the world. All you need is a laptop and your spot in our Travel & Learn program.’

If coding or simply working out of a laptop from anywhere excites you, this would be the project to sign up for. From UX design to web development, the experience offers solid courses to build your skills at dreamy locations where you also travel and have fun.

They would be running this in 2018 in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia

If you want to see more options, check this website for a list of other conferences for next year.

DNX Global – Conference for Digital Nomads & LifehackersMultiple Locations

Launched in 2012, DNX Global is one of the oldest communities for digital nomads that has grown globally, and now hosts conferences, workshops & meetups frequently in different parts of the world throughout the year. They also organize region specific, non-English conferences as well. Check out their website & keep updated with their programs.

Tools & Websites to Check

2018 as a digital nomad

Working remotely means that you have to have a lot of tools and resources handy, especially when your laptop is the core of your work or getting things online is what you rely on heavily.

Here are some of the websites & tools for various purposes.

Workfrom – This website lets you find out your nearest co-working space and you can choose from public or private spaces. You can also filter based on a few criteria like WiFi speed, connectivity, etc.

This would be super useful when you are constantly on the move or new to a place and need to explore for places to get your work done.

Toggl – We all know that being productive and managing time is interrelated, but doing something to effectively manage time could be challenging when you don’t have a fixed office. Toggl comes in handy to keep track of your stuff – from your login time at work to writing down the details of your taxes paid. Also, the paid premium feature comes with additional benefits.

Productivity Tools

2018 as a digital nomad

PomoDone App – PomoDone is a mobile app to track your workflow using Pomodoro technique, on top of your current task management service.

Tomato Timer – This is also based on the Pomodoro technique as well, and you can set your time for breaks too.

Staying Connected

These tools help you organize meetings and stay connected with your colleagues/clients.

Zoom –  Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in a board, conference, huddle, and training rooms, as well as executive offices and classrooms. You can have conferences by joining on browser or through their simple extension.

Hipchat (Stride) – This tool lets you do group video chats conveniently. You can even share files.

Travel & Living

2018 as a digital nomad

Needless to mention, traveling would be a big part of your life as a digital nomad. And planning your living around travel is essential at least to a certain level keeping in mind the flexibility.

Travel Apps & Tools

Hitlist – For flights – through this mobile app, you can get the best deals for flights straight to your inbox, apart from creating customized alerts depending on your requirements. You have a lot of airline options giving out their prices, which would save your time in comparing the rates.  

Websites for Digital Nomads

Nomadlist – Probably the most popular of all, this website needs to checked out by every digital nomad if they haven’t already! They keep updating the cities with the latest information on many things, and so better bookmark this one for all your concerns!

Teleport – This is a similar website that provides the details along with the specifications on the experiences of moving.

Rental Homes

2018 as a digital nomad

If you thought Airbnb or VRBO is the only thing you looked up to book your vacation homes, it’s time to think again. We at GoGo Places are providing you with more options across the world which are better in many ways – cheaper fees, lovely homes at reasonable prices and hassle-free, easy, one-click bookings.

And what’s better? We are adding new homes every day!

Head here to start exploring and live the adventure.

Having a rocking kick start to 2018 as a digital nomad with these resources? And if you find this post useful, make sure to pass it on to your fellow nomads to help them!