How to Find Cheap Flights and Travel the World



One of the biggest expenses for travelling is the flight ticket. Doesn’t matter where you want to go, it always feels like you are always leaving an enormous amount. However, there are many ways to find and book some incredible deals with multiple airlines around the world. With these tips and tools, you could find a lot of cheap flights and save hundreds of dollars every time you book a plane ticket.

Let’s start with some basic rules that you should follow every time you are searching for a cheap flight online:

1. Always search anonymously, or in “incognito” mode – Each search engine uses a tracking tool called “cookies” to remember what you have been searching. This can be convenient while you keep on searching, however, there’s a big disadvantage which is, based on this information, the search engine will give you more and more expensive options than before. By browsing in a private session, it will not remember your data.

2. Have flexible travel dates – By having flexible travel dates, you have more possibilities of finding a cheaper fare. Being flexible allows you to go on the days of the week and even if you can only be flexible on one of the ends, it still saves you some money. Most airlines’ websites have a “flexible” option which is very helpful.

3. Prioritize low-cost airlines – There are low-cost airlines in every continent. They might not be the most comfortable but they are by far the cheapest. Besides, by being low-cost they will not fly more than 5 hours. You can also combine different flights/airlines and make connections to fly further. We will give you some examples further in the article.

4. Consider last-minute deals – Most people are sure that the more you wait until the last minute, the more expensive it will get. This is partially true. It will depend on the capacity of the flight. If the flight is almost full, it will be expensive but if it still has a lot of seats, you might get a very impressive deal.

5. Use more than one search engine – You have to always use one more than one search engine. It’s like getting a second opinion. Prices vary and it also happens in some search engines. Always stay on the lookout.

Best Search Engines to Find Cheap Flights 

Search Engines are the most valuable tool of a traveller. With one of these engines, you can compare flights from everywhere in the world, rank the best prices, find cheap flights all over the world, know the duration and even get alerts of prices. Next up we will show you some of our favourites.


Skyscanner - cheap flights

Skyscanner is one of the most famous travel agencies in the world. The search engine of Skyscanner lets you compare return, one-way and multi-city flights everywhere in the world. You also have the option of adding nearby airports and to only search for direct flights.

One of its most popular features is “Search Everywhere” where you only select the days or months you want to travel and it will rank the cheapest destinations in ascendant order. Another interesting feature is the “Cheapest Month” where you can select a destination and it will tell you the cheapest month to travel there. Each feature is the reverse of each other and complements each other.

Lastly, it also lets you set cheap flight alerts for certain dates and destinations which is one of the most useful features of the search engine.

It also has an application for both Android and iOS with all these features included.


cheap flights - momondo-logo

Momondo is another great tool to find cheap flights. It might seem similar to Skyscanner, but it has some significant differences, such as an app that is much more complete then Skyscanner’s. With Momondo’s app, you have a trip planner, price forecast (the app estimates when you should buy the flight), you can compare between quickest, cheapest and best flights and a Flight Insights feature that allows you to know the factors that are influencing the prices.

It is also free and available on both Android and iOS with all the features included.


google flights

Once again, Google Flights possesses most of the features from the other search engines. Despite not having the incredible “Search Everywhere” feature from Skyscanner and all the complete features of Momondo, Google Flights is known for being extremely fast-beating down all of its competitors that take some time to load 3000+ options. Google Flights does that in less than 3 seconds and saves up some frustration.

Besides that, Google Flights can predict if the flight will be delayed and even tell you the reasons. Not only that but it also warns you, before leaving, when the price might jump up, therefore telling you that it’s the perfect time to book your flight.

Google flights does not have an app but it works perfectly from the Google Chrome browser on the phone.


lost cost flights

Low-cost airlines have come to completely change the travel industry. Tourism has grown dramatically in the last few decades thanks to their introduction in the market. Since 2001, the global market share of low-cost airlines has grown 15,4% and in Europe up to 30%!

Their very low prices and connections around the world are allowing travellers to go wherever they want for much cheaper and even allowing people that never thought about travelling to do so.

Below you’ll find some of the most reliable low-cost airlines to find the cheapest flights.


cheap flights ryanair

Ryanair currently connects over 40 countries, have 83 bases in Europe and North Africa and over 2400 flights every day. Their prices start at a very low-price such as 5,99€, being the airline that has the cheapest flights in Europe! Be attentive because Black Friday is right around the corner and Ryanair should be planning something as always.

Here are some examples of some unbelievable fares we’ve found on Ryanair’s website:

Dublin to Faro – 12,99€
Stuttgart to Split – 9,99€
Vienna to Athens – 9,99€


air asia

AirAsia has been named multiple times the best low-cost airline of the year and this year it wasn’t any different. It currently operates scheduled domestic and international flights, flies to more than 165 destinations and connects 25 countries.



Easyjet is a British-centred airline that operates in Europe, having 1000 countries in 30 countries. Very often Easyjet creates some campaigns with a lot of very interesting fare discounts that are worth looking at.

The airline also has some incredible prices at this time of the year, such as:

London – Malta 35£
Manchester – Malaga – 20£
Berlin – Dubrovnik – 20£


There are dozens of low-cost airlines around the world that are always worth visiting to check out the latest routes and fares. We recommend you to take a look at the 20 Best Airlines in The World in 2019 according to Skytrax.


An error fare is an extremely ridiculous deal that happens due to a mistake from the airline. Sometimes they miss a number and instead of buying a 170€ flight, you can buy it for 17€. When they are spotted, the airlines will act immediately to fix it.

These offers run out fast and they are easier to spot for airlines rather than travellers. However, there are some easy tricks to try to find these error fares, such as:

Conduct broad searches in Search Engines – As mentioned before, you can do a very broad search in Search Engines such as Skyscanner by selecting “Take me anywhere”. This is the easiest way to find an error fare because it automatically ranks up the cheapest deal.

Sign-up for email alerts – People are doing these searches for you every single day. You could sign-up for one of these alerts very easily. It takes a very quick google search to find some.

It is also worth mentioning that even if you land an error fare, you should never take it for granted. Some airlines will not honour your ticket, even though almost all of them will do. However, it is still a risk so we recommend that you don’t start looking for accommodation at least 14 days after your purchase.


Did you know that there are Facebook groups fully dedicated to sharing the best fares that we find? That’s right! You could be scrolling through your feed and eventually find very cheap flights to your dream destination just like that.

The posts in these groups usually include error fares, very deep searches and discounts. Below we will provide you with some of the community’s most active groups where you can surely find very good deals without doing anything.

Facebook Group | Cheap Flights
Travel Free | Cheap flights and more

And these are our tricks to land the Cheapest Flights! We hope you found this information useful. Also, don’t forget to always travel safely and without any worries. We recommend that you check out SafetyWing for International Travel Medical Insurance to make sure that you will always be covered.