Nomad paradise in Greece



On the island of Corfu, Greece, there is a little community that’s everything we dream of as nomads. A village of private cottages, lush gardens, a pool, yoga classes on site, a selection of organic veggies from the garden, a community of like minded people, and of course, a beautiful Greek Island to explore. What else could you want? 

Casa Lucia is a family run collection of cottages that now has three generations under one roof now. The matriarch, Val, is a local legend. She brought the first yoga class to Corfu, the first local t’ai chi course, and started the island’s first recycling program. She’s the heart of the community with a lovely welcoming energy.   

Paradise for nomads in Greece

Her daughter, Zoe, grew up 200m from the cottages, immersed in the wonderful community of nomad and locals her mom created. She’s since traveled the world and returned to the island with a family of her own. She now teaches ensoma, a combination of dance and movement with mind and therapeutic practices, on site. 

These cottages are more than a beautiful place to stay on arguably one of the best islands in Greece, it’s a community that has welcomed nomads and locals to events based on mind-body connection, recycling, and worldschooling for over 30 years. This is a place of community, mindfulness, and personal connections that last generations.

Daily yoga for nomads in Greece yoga for nomads

Casa Lucia hosts workshops, including the Spring Academy, an international agile and self directed learning community where learning is sharing, exchanging and developing experience and skills. The academy believes strongly in the freedom of choice in learning – there is no set curriculum everyone must attend but rather a more open-minded approach to learn what you find interesting. 

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Events and topics range from everything from education to parenting, to sharing oral tradition and skills. One learning event they have is to sail to another island and learn how to survive eating what’s on the island. How cool! You don’t get that in public school. 

Just a few minutes at Casa Lucia and you feel like part of the nomadic community for life. Make sure to stop by this special place next time you’re in Greece. Book your cottage here.

Can’t stay but want to stop by for an event? You’re welcome to stop in for an upcoming event