Going Off the Beaten Path in Croatia



Croatia is not only about clear blue water beaches and Game of Thrones filming locations. This amazing country has activities for everyone, whether you are an adventure seeker looking for extreme sports or just wants more chill experiences. Here’s an off the beaten path list of things you can do in Croatia you probably didn’t know about!

Cycle Across Korcula

The 30-minute ferry ride from Orebic to Korcula makes a day-trip to the storied island easy. Biking is an efficient way to explore Marco Polo’s reputed birthplace, which is only 30 miles from end to end and 5 miles across at its widest point.  Pedal to historic buildings in medieval, walled Korcula Town, then venture into the island to discover Lumbarda and Smokvica, both scenic road stops on this island known for its white wines. And If you visit on a Monday or Thursday in July or August, stay for the 9 pm Moreska Sword Dance that portrays the 15th-century folktale of love and war. For more information, you can always visit their official website.

Visit the Blue and Gren Caves in Island Vis

Vis is the inhabited island farthest from the Croatian mainland. It was a strategic Yugoslav military post during World War II and again during the Homeland War. Today, Vis is becoming a haven for divers and sailing enthusiasts, who drop anchor in the island’s many secluded bays. However, no trip to Island Vis is complete without visiting the Blue Cave and Green Cave, about 2 miles offshore. The Blue Cave on Bisevo Island glows fluorescent blue from 11 am to noon on sunny days. It usually is crammed with tour boats during that limited time. The Green Cave is lit with sunlight that enters through a hole in the rocky top and turns the water green. Swimming is permitted, of course! There many companies that offer these tours and you can check the best times to go on their website.

Go Fishing!

Croatia is a major fishing destination both for fresh-water and deep sea fishing. Fly fishing, spear fishing, game fishing and recreational fishing are all practiced with enthusiasm by locals and visitors. Fresh-water fishermen will appreciate the cleanliness and beauty of Croatia’s rivers while deep sea fishermen will find high-visibility waters teeming with tuna and other game fish.

Both freshwater and sea fishing are highly regulated in Croatia however; it’s important to be acquainted with and follow all the necessary regulations for freshwater and sea fishing and buy the appropriate licenses. In most cases, only a valid ID is required. Violators can be caught and punished!

Walking, hiking, and trekking 

Croatia is famous for its dramatic coastline but it also boasts lots of mountains, canyons, lakes, and forests that make Croatia a great place for walking, hiking, and trekking.  The country has a number of National Parks and significant mountain ranges, and these include Paklenica and the Plitvice Lakes National Parks, whilst the Dinaric and Velebit are the highest mountain ranges in Croatia. So if you’re thinking about visiting this country, have no doubt about it: mountaineering tours are fun. Especially in a region like Croatia where there is plenty to discover. Altogether there are 72 mountain hikes that you can choose from. There is even a Croatia mountaineering Association that offers great help and options of activities.

White river rafting

In the last ten years, adrenalin-pumping activities became an integral part of the Croatian tourist offer. White water rafting in Croatia is one of those activities, and since it is relatively new there, it is not so well-known around the world yet. But, Croatia does have wonderful white water rafting sites, from Karlovac to the north, Gorski Kotar to the west, and Dalmatia to the south.

Additionally, whitewater trips can promote environmentalism! By experiencing firsthand the beauty of a river, individuals who would otherwise be indifferent to environmental issues may gain a strong desire to protect and preserve that area because of their positive outdoor experience. It also contributes to the economy of many regions. Which, in turn, may contribute to the protection of rivers. Hence it stops the development of hydroelectric power generation, diversion for irrigation, and others.

Bungee jumping

Another activity for the adrenaline fanatics is bungee jumping, which is very popular in Croatia. If you want to get the adrenalin going and also see the Mediterranean Sea from a completely new perspective, take a leap of faith and jump from a 56 meters high metal construction that is placed in the middle of the Maslenica Bridge, in Zadar, and marvel at what it’s like to fly free fall. The company Zzuum offers really great options for dates and pickups. 

This is one of the most popular bungee spots and it is famous for its height. Courageous locals along with tourists from all over the world jump from the Maslenica Bridge, easily recognizable by its bright red color, offering a breathtaking view of the Novigrad bay. This is a favorite venue of bungee devotees and is also a great place to meet fellow jumpers that are looking for likeminded people. Having an outstanding experience of letting all your worries go simply can’t be compared to anything else.

Wine tour

Now, if what you are looking for is to truly taste the flavor of the Mediterranean and you are planning a trip to Croatia, then you are lucky indeed. Some of the finest wineries and wines in the region are right there in the country. So you can either sample a wide variety of wines in one of the many luxury hotels in the country or choose to explore the wineries and vineyards yourself. It matters not whether you are a true sommelier or someone who just appreciates good wine. Croatia holds wines that are both accessible and sophisticated such as Winery Rak.

The secret to why the wines of the Mediterranean are so great is that the climate there is particularly well suited for grape production. The summers are mild, long and dry and the winters are short and wet. Companies such as Wine Taste in Croatia can help you find the best tour four.

Olive picking

Harvesting olives isn’t a tedious, begrudged job to the majority of families in Croatia, particularly along the Dalmatian coast; it represents the end of a summer season in tourism and when families come together and spend quality time. And Croatian olive oils are no stranger to the spotlight, having won hundreds of awards and gold medals, So, if you are traveling to Croatia, be sure to try local olive oils wherever you get a chance – you will do yourself a disservice if you don’t.

But, what if you could do more than just sample the olive oil? Well, you can. There are various Olive Harvest tours you can get involved with, such as a day-trip option to the island of Solta. There are numerous companies who organize a whole day where you join locals or families in a traditional olive harvest. You will be taught to harvest by hand, about the tradition and process of olive oil making, witness the olives you picked being turned into ‘liquid gold’ and be taught how to taste the difference between different olive oils – yes, there is also an art to this. Adriatic Experience offers a really great Olive Harvest experience on Brac Island.