Getting to Know The Life of Digital Nomads: Interview With Claudia of My Adventures Across The World



The lives of the digital nomads are unique and have always evoked the curiosity of the other professionals, especially the cubicle dwellers. So we thought of getting to know them better – from their favourite destinations to dealing with homesickness and sustaining their life as digital nomads, living their dream.

This week, we are happy to feature Claudia Tavani, who blogs at My Adventures Across The World. Let us get to know her right away!

Tell us about your self – A brief about your background, where you come from and your website.

digital nomad interview

My name is Claudia, I was born and raised in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia. This is, quite simply, the most beautiful island in the world. I blog at My Adventures Across The World, which is slowly becoming more and more focused on adventure travel.

1. When did you throw off the bowlines and embark on this lifestyle & what do you do?

I finally took the big leap in November 2013. That’s when I packed my backpack and went on my first ever long-term trip across Central and South America.

2. Could you tell us in % (roughly) as to how you divide your time between these activities as a digital nomad?

a. Work  b. Sightseeing  c. Socializing/Fun d. Research/look for next place to go

This varies a lot so it is actually hard to give percentages. I am not always traveling. I may be on the road for 2 months in a row but then stay home for 3. And when I am home, I spend way more time working than sightseeing or socializing. If you still want percentages, I can divide it in “when at home” and “when traveling”.

3. How many Gigs do you work on at one time? And what method do you opt for payment?- Bank, Paypal, Tipalti, Venmo, Others.

All the ones that I can take! And I prefer payment via Bank or Paypal.

4. What are the pros and cons of being a digital nomad?

Being a digital nomad is less glamorous than one may think. But it sure has its benefits.

Pros: I get to see many amazing places; I meet incredible, like-minded people; I get the best office views; I have a good excuse to avoid attending boring events and celebrations; I learn about new cultures; I get to see all the latest movies for free on long-haul flights; I learn new languages.

Cons: I often miss my family, my friends and my cats when I am away; I have to live off a backpack, and wear the same clothes over and over; I miss food from home; I don’t get to train at my favorite local pool; I have yet to learn how to properly sleep on a plane.

5. The lack of “home base” often times presents its own challenges, and most of the people experience it in one form or another. What advice would you offer to overcome that?

Try to establish a routine, wherever you are. This means waking up at the same time every day; finding a local grocery store to buy food; eating at the same local places and befriending the locals; joining a local gym. In other words, create a home away from home!

6. Tell us the top 3 things in a location that you look for and can’t do without them as a digital nomad

As a digital nomad, my entire work relies on the internet. I often travel to developing countries where internet isn’t strong, and that makes me struggle with my work. So, I try to look for a place with reliable and fast internet connection. Other things I look for are an easily accessible and well-connected airport and the possibility/ease to travel locally.

7. If you could live anywhere in the world as a digital nomad, where would you go and why?

Tel Aviv! I simply love it and feel incredibly at home there. I have lots of friends, I know my way around, I like the local food, the bar scene, and the cats!

8. Of all the places that you have lived as a digital nomad, which one is your favorite & why?

I loved living in Rome. I know the city well; there’s a lot of things to do and places to visit; it is packed with great restaurants, and it is easy to get away for a day trip or a weekend if I need to.

9. What is that one thing that puts you off while traveling/as a digital nomad?

Some countries, though gorgeous, have an impenetrable culture. Add to that the fact that I may not speak the local language, and that the locals may speak little to no English, and I find it hard to communicate with them. Also, I am often put off by the local food. I truly enjoyed India, but I could never live there as I can’t take the rich food!

10. How do you find a place for living & what are your preferences?

I prefer living in places where I either speak the local language (so any English or Spanish speaking country), or where people speak good English (ie Israel). It makes it way easier to get into the culture and create a new network of friends.

11. In a few short words, what other advice would you give someone before embarking on this lifestyle?

Be ready to be homesick! It is no news and something that all digital nomads experience every now and then. Do create a good living and working environment for you and if you see that a place where you had planned to stay for a while doesn’t cut it for you, just move on rather than stick to it and suffer. The beauty of being a digital nomad is that plans can change quickly and this won’t affect your work!

Thank you for sharing your stories of your life as a digital nomad, Claudia! GoGo Places wishes you more adventurous & lovely endeavours on the road!

You can know more about Claudia’s adventures on her blog My Adventures Across The World.

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