Digital Nomad’s Guide to Portugal



As a digital nomad looking for a new place to call home, you’ve probably come across endless articles about the attributes you should look for in your next destination. Quality of life is a funny thing because everyone’s definition of “quality” is different. That said, there are common denominators that make certain hubs more livable than others.

The stunning scenery, kind locals, affordable accommodations and delicious local fare make places such as Bali, Chiang Mai, Hanoi and Bogota major hotspots for nomadic professionals. But if you’re looking for a place that has easy accessibility to Europe and most of the United States, with rent as low as €500/month, Portugal should be on your radar.

From port wine and tempura to striking castles and temperate weather that makes southern beach trips possible in March, you’ll quickly find that you don’t really have to go out and search for happenings in Portugal, the whole country is an attraction in and of itself.

Deemed as the “Chiang Mai of Europe” or the “new Berlin,” Lisbon has garnered recent attention with its influx of hip cafes, co-living rentals and sophisticated coworking spaces. And you’ll be pleased to know that the wonder of this country stretches far beyond its’ capital city. If you’re looking for your next home base, check-out this guide and consider living, working and playing in Europe’s oldest country.


– LIVE –


Stokeworks: If the hustle and bustle of Lisbon feels a bit too mainstream for you, a stay in Algarve could be more your pace. Starting at 206€ per week, Stokeworks provides you with a fully equipped home, communal amenities, coworking spaces and direct access to some of Europe’s best surf.

Novovento: An extended summer getaway in Portugal sounds idyllic. And with Novovento, you can live, work and rest on the island of Azores. Starting at 15€ per night, take advantage of group dinners, workshops and the opportunity to be one with nature.

Outsite: To be in the midst of all the action, plant your flag in one of the 25 rooms at Outsite’s Lisbon co-living/workspace. For roughly 1,100€ per month, you’ll get the traditions of the past fused with the hipster happenings of the future.

Coworksurf: Simplicity, surf and serenity collide at Coworksurflocated in Ericeira, a resort and fishing community on the west coast of Portugal. For just 20€ a night for a private room, you can really take it slow while diving into work and embracing the local culture.

Gogo Places: Perhaps shared living spaces aren’t quite your thing? With Gogo Places, you can find affordable, long-term rentals in Portugal. 1,200€ a month could get you an upgraded 2-bedroom home surrounded by lush greenery and rolling valleys.  

Cost of everyday items:
Cappuccino- 1.21€
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter)- 1.50€
Milk (1 liter)- 0.61 €
Dozen Eggs- 1.67 €
Local Transportation- 1.50€
Internet (Unlimited Data)- 29.34€/month
Fitness membership- 15€/month


– Work –

Village Underground Lisboa: This unique hodgepodge of recycled double-decker buses and shipping containers is much more than your average coworking space. The creative events and quirky ambiance attracts eccentric professionals from across the globe, making the Village Underground a staple in the heart of the city.

Second Home: Breaking free from monotony, Second Home uses light, smart design and over 1,000 plants to inspire a creative work day. They also craftily curate a community across a wide spectrum of industries to ensure the pulsing culture is never compromised. With education and cultural programming engrained in Second Home’s DNA, you’ll quickly see the value in a membership here.

Porto i/o: No matter how much you love your job, the truth is…sometimes work can be dull. A change of scenery is sure to keep things interesting, and if flexibility is what you’re looking for in a coworking space, there’s no better choice than Porto i/o. Whether you want to set up shop at their seaside space or want to be centered downtown, a membership with this company leaves all possibilities open.

House of Maria Amalia: The crisp, bright workspace of House of Maria Amalia is the stuff minimalist dreams are made of. And at 125€ a month with 24-hour access, there’s absolutely no excuse for you to not cross those deadlines off your to-do list. A 10-minute walking distance to local transportation means that Lisbon is truly at your fingertips once the work day is done.

unOffice PDL: Some professionals enjoy being part of a collaborative workspace, and at unOffice PDL, you’ll find just thatwith flowing energy from fellow entrepreneurs. Located in São Miguel, Azores, this think tank on a small island proves to be a productive place for its patrons.

Factory Lisbon: In 2019, an exciting project is set to open in an artisanal neighborhood of Lisbon. With waterfront views, this former factory will accommodate a craft beer bar, restaurants, public event spaces and over 700 international professionals.

Fusion Cowork: Located in Aveiro’s city center, Fusion Cowork is a networking and collaborative hub. The expansive space offers meeting rooms, lounges and even tax hosting. 45€ per month is all it takes to reserve your spot at this exclusive space.

If you’re still looking for a position that will allow you the freedom to work where there’s wifi, check out some of these resources for the latest job openings!

  • FreeeUp– a platform tailored to e-commerce freelancers and employers.
  • AngelList– a hub for inspiring start-ups.
  • We Work Remotely– a go-to for reliable, remote positions.
  • Upwork– a wonderful resume-booster for new freelancers.
  • Gogo Places- we’re looking for a talented digital marketer who is based in Portugal! If this position interests you, click here.

– PLAY –

Bar Do Guincho (Alcabideche)-From June to September, enjoy chill vibes and aquatic views on this stretch of beach north of Cascais. You might even catch one of the international surf competitions while you’re sipping your caipirinha.

Lagar Do Cais (Old Lisbon)-No detail is left to chance in this restaurant and cocktail bar. With impeccable interior design and an expansive drink list, you’ll get the true taste of Portugal at Lagar Do Cais.

The Insolito (Lisbon)-Expansive views in trendy locations usually equate to overpriced tourist traps. However, this quirky restaurant and bar proves that you really can have it all. Sip and savor with unparalleled ambiance.

Cinco Lounge (Lisbon)-With a defined philosophy set to elevate your nightlife experience, you can always expect refined cocktails, flavorful music and an atmosphere that allows you to  have amazing conversationdespite all the fabulous distractions.

MusicBox (Lisbon)-Even if Afro-electronica and cumbia music isn’t on your usual playlists, a night at MusicBox will be a sure feast for the ears. Emerging artists regularly perform, and the dance floor is always packed.

Bar do Peixe (Sesimbra)-Drink, dine, or simply relax on the deck lounge as featured DJs set the mood and bifanas (a pork fillet in a chewy bun) are served all around.

Metropolis Club (Lisbon)-If you’re looking for top 40 music, you’ll probably want to find another place to spend your Saturday night. This club blasts rock and grunge, with an ambiance that challenges most nightclubs around the world.