Cafes and Co-Working Spaces: Get Your Remote Work Done in Estonia



Estonia has created a phenomenal digital infrastructure, making it a top-choice for location-independent professionals from around the globe. And with whispers that this Baltic country could become Europe’s new “tech hub,” it’s no wonder that travelers, professionals and e-residents alike are looking to make their mark in Northern Europe.

As a growing percentage of the workforce is moving towards a digitally nomadic lifestyle, office buildings, co-working spaces and even coffee shops are evolving into hotspots for innovation—offering much more than just free Wi-fi. Freelancers, solopreneurs and small teams can all find value in time in a coworking space. When the entire area is filled with creative minds, the networking opportunities are in abundance.

If you find yourself in Estonia, rest assured that you’ll easily find a working space that not only provides the essentials for a productive work-day but also lends itself as a breeding ground for collaboration and inspiration. Here’s our pick for the best co-working spaces & cafes in Estonia.

Spring Hub

+372 5568 7730
Pärnu mnt 148, Tallinn, Estonia, 11317

With 150 workstations, 11 soundproof phone booths and sauna & shower rooms, the muted wood and neon green accents of Spring Hub complement the inventive vibes that are spread throughout this cultivated space. For as low as 15 Euro a day, eager professionals can snag a seat in Spring Hub’s “quiet work zone.”

Small teams can accelerate their next project by taking advantage of meeting rooms, Spring Hub masterclasses and social-educational events. The extensive schedule of events at Spring Hub confirms that they are not only interested in supplying a smart space for professionals but are focused on investing in entrepreneurial culture.

Finding your rhythm in a new city can be tough, but co-working spaces like Spring Hub foster built-in communities that will make you feel at home, right in the heart of Tallinn, Estonia.

Kohvik Must Puudel

+372 505 6258

Müürivahe 20, 10140 Tallinn, Estonia

It doesn’t matter how advanced co-working spaces become, there will always be that enthusiastic worker who would rather slap away at their keyboard while nestled in the corner seat of a cozy cafe. If bright colors, natural lighting and retro decor put you in a working mindset, Kohvik Must Puudel is the place to be.

The cobblestone pathway leading up to this cafe doesn’t elaborate on the magic that’s inside. With a menu that offers gluten-free and vegan dishes, a set of records that spans all music genres and an aromatic list of coffees, find a spot in one of the rooms at this cafe and let the creativity flow.

Most expats in Tallinn recommend this spot for the intimate atmosphere, delicious food and Kohvik Must Puudel’s extensive opening hours, allowing workers to stay late and reach every important deadline.


+372 5912 8990
Lõõtsa 6 (A or D entrance)

Technopolis is a heavy-hitter when it comes to offices and co-working spaces. With properties across the Scandinavian & Baltic regions, Technopolis has a location in Tallinn where teams or solopreneurs can jumpstart success.

Technopolis is a full-service campus. Vowing to never support a loud, open office or an isolated cubicle, Technopolis understands the importance of multifunctional workspaces that cater to each and every member of your team, and the project at hand. For companies that understand the importance of balance between work and a healthy lifestyle, this office space offers a fitness center, hairdressers and massage services just steps away from the workspaces.

Ask anyone who works from home and they’ll tell you that it’s not as glamorous as it might sound. Finding the appropriate co-working space isn’t just an opportunity to finally put on real clothes, it’s opening up doors for possible collaboration and even free promotion.

The Pierre Chocolaterie

+ 372 641 8061
Vene 6, 10140 Tallinn, Eesti

Famous for its hot chocolate, The Pierre Chocolaterie is a decadent cafe serving up scrumptious cakes across Tallinn and Tartu, Estonia. Each cafe is craftily decorated to transport you back in time. From the zigzag tiles on the floor to the ornate creations at the bar, The Pierre Chocolaterie is a comfortable spot to start the workday.

Most expats would recommend coming in early to grab a seat before this popular cafe becomes too packed. With a window seat and a chocolatey drink in-hand, a morning spent working at The Pierre Chocolaterie is the perfect spring pad for any day.

Lift 99

+372 5648 0894
Telliskivi 60a (B building, 2nd floor)

Teams looking to truly make waves flock to Lift 99. The co-working space, its team, and overall environment are all rooted in connection. As a solopreneur, it can be easy to work within a bubble. However, Lift 99 is focused on breaking down those barriers and marveling at the opportunities that coincide with connection. This mantra lives throughout the space.

Lift 99 offers its community world-class events, access to investors and advisors who reign from Silicon Valley and beyond, as well as an international network that has insights into a wild variety of global markets. Being a part of the community at Lift 99 means far more than an allocated desk space.

Estonian Office

+372 665 4100
Estonia pst. 5 10143

At the Estonian Office, you can rent desk space by the hour. This no-frills office is straight to business, ensuring that all professionals can make use of their tailored services. With a combination of virtual and real offices, offered on a short or long-term basis, the Estonian Office is optimizing your business needs.

Tenants are free to choose from a variety of renting options on a pay-as-you see basis. For professionals starting new businesses, cutting costs on existing businesses or for those preparing a meeting or a conference, the Estonian Office is a one-stop shop.

Werner Cafe & Lounge

+372 7426 377
Ülikooli 11 Tartu 51003

Dating back to 1882, the Werner Cafe & Lounge in Tartu has been a meeting spot for writers, poets and professors. Today, patrons jumble up the stairs with their Macbooks, traditional cakes and the city’s largest cappuccino.

Though Tallinn gets most of the attention from expats living in Estonia, Tartu is another major hub that’s worth your attention. Known for the prestigious University of Tartu, the city is filled with smart working spaces for students and professionals. The second-floor lounge of Werner Cafe & Lounge proves to be one of those brainstorming havens.

Whether you decide to start your journey on the quaint, cobblestone steps of a crowded square in Tallinn, or make your way to the lively cafes of Tartu, the place you rest your head each night should never be in question. At GoGo Places, we believe that nomadic professionals should live a life that is optimized and intentional. No more lease signing, frustrating reference checks or large deposits for short-term rentals. Simply sign up with us once, and explore the world. Stay for a month, or make it a way of life!