Best Christmas Markets in Europe for Digital Nomads



Are you still searching for a well-connected city to work with a nice Christmas vibe, fairy lights and markets in Europe? Here you can find 6 places to live during the holiday season that also offer great options for co-working spaces or coffee shops, Wi-fi hotspots and of course, a good cost of living.  

Budapest, Hungary

Krisztian Tabori @ktabori

According to European Best Destinations, the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe happens in the Basilica of Budapest. The city is also known for a good option for Digital Nomads (#6 on the Nomad List) based on good prices and places for work. You can find concerts, light shows and eco-friendly options for your market moments and for all workers’ budgets. Also, good coworking spaces, very safe in Europe and many nomads that you can connect not only on Christmas but all year round.  The city is also considered to have a good mindset as well for business and a good level of English for the locals. A very good option to mix your next destination and your Christmas Markets. 

Zagreb – Croatia

Viktor Juric@zurux

This year Zagreb was in number #2 of European Best Destinations, but it was 3 years elected the best Christmas Markets in Europe. With a lot of options for shops and restaurants, you can also skate, listen to some music and taste a new wine on the main Ban Jelačić square. It is one of the best affordable and traditional Christmas markets and a very good tip: not so crowded. The city has also called the attention of Digital Nomads for the fast internet, good location, many companies and outside of mainstream tourism. As a very modern city, you find places for work and use the Wi-fi but without forget Christmas traditions such as traditional cookies and mulled wine. Zagreb is also well road connected and safe which gives nomads an opportunity in 2h stay on the cities on the coast like Senj, for example, a good opportunity to know more than one city in this experience. 

Novi Sad – Serbia

Lazar Gugleta @lazargugleta

If you like doughnuts, Serbia has one of the most traditional Christmas doughnuts that you can eat with wine and chocolate in the city of Novi Sad. The Christmas markets are part of a bigger winter event: The Winter Fest of Novi Sad. There is always something to do and entertainment is the key to the festival: Christmas tree choirs, concerts, decorations, events, and bales. Although not so much popular among digital nomads, the second biggest city in Serbia stands out to be very affordable, safe, with good wi-fi places and guess what? A very multicultural city! It is not hard to find local people here speaking English with foreigners which can open opportunities for good connections.  Furthermore, it is cheap! Accommodation, food and the prices on the market are very good compared to the other cities with Christmas Markets in Europe.  

Berlin – Germany

Stefan Widua @stewi

The Gendarmenmarkt is one of the most popular Christmas Markets considered the most romantic of the markets in Germany. The reason are the theaters, cathedrals and historical center that creates a cozy atmosphere in the region. Also, there is a rich number of activities that this city can offer for the event and the beauty of the city is also impressive. It is one of the most democratic, cosmopolitan and popular places for digital nomads: very friendly for LGBT and women to live and many DN all over the year. The cons of this city are the prices: the most expensive on the list and, although the high prices, you can find cheap options in coffee shops and a lot of co-working places that make the city a very easy going to do business and shopping during Christmas.  

Prague – Czech Republic

Anthony DELANOIX @anthonydelanoix

In the Czech Republic, Prague Christmas Market is another option of a very popular and traditional Christmas in Europe with a famous tree of a thousand lights. The market happens in the historic downtown with a lot of cultural and gastronomical options. If you like food and souvenirs that is your best option: a lot of Xmas cookies, gingerbread, sausages and of course, wine. Prague is number #30 on the Nomad List considered a very good spot for business with fast internet, a lot of activities to do all over the year, very safe and everyone speaks English. You can find a good spot for work in the morning and go to see the traditional Czech blown glass balls in the evening. 

 Cluj – Romania

Lucas Sandor@sandorlucas

The last Christmas Market suggestion is Cluj–Napoca, in Romania. This fair is the most familial Christmas Market: the Romanian tradition is to celebrate with the whole family. It is not hard to find many families inside the market that is also a pet-friendly market. It also has a skating option for the family and lots of local shops with concerts.  Although not so much popular among Digital Nomads, the city is the cheapest option of the list with fast internet, safe environment, good prices, and a lot of activities during all year. Also, the city hosts different universities, which turns into a good option who want a good nightlife. The locals are a must: it is very easy to make friends and business here and you can find most of them inside the Xmas market as well. 

Do not forget that in most of the cities the markets start from the end of November and goes until New Years’. What do you think? Is there a place that you should suggest for the list? Write in the comments below which one and why.