9 Adventurous Places in Adriatic Coast You Must Try



The Adriatic coast is one of the earth’s glorious coasts, and certainly one of the best in Europe. With a history that dates back centuries, it boasts of the some of the most fabulous beaches, fascinating mountains, countless sandstone cliffs overlooking the seas, and picturesque towns – the coast is a dream come true for every kind of a traveller.

The most beautiful thing about the Adriatic is that it shares its border with many gorgeous countries that are well connected to each other, which means a traveller gets to have unique culture immersions and adventurous excursions along the coast.  While Croatia occupies a majority of the Adriatic’s coast with its numerous islands, neighbouring Montenegro and Albania offer no less, whether in the scenic landscapes or beaches.

This leaves us with an amazing number of places to be explored and experienced. While the sun-kissed beaches and post-card like towns are the norms, not many know about the adventurous places along the coast spread across this countries.

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1. Zipline in Omis

Not many would have heard of Omis, a small town along the Adriatic, which is one of the best places to find adventure in Croatia.

adventurous places in adriatic

Kick off your adventure in Omis with the zip line, which is the fastest in the country at 65km per hour that takes you over treetops and amazing bird view. Head next to the Cetina Canyon for some rafting in the waters and witness the lovely view of the coast.

2. Jump off the cliffs in Pula

A city that shares its border with Italy means that you’ll have a lot of cultural experience in this city, along with delicious pizzas that you get to savour. But the ones wanting some adventure should head to Kamenjak National Park. Apart from being lined by stunning beaches, exclusive bars, and viewpoints, you can experience jumping off a 20-foot cliff into crystal clear waters. No doubt, this is your best chance to get over your fear of heights or challenge yourself!

3. Cycle in the mountains of Istria

The northwestern part of Croatia, known as Istria, or locally as little Tuscany, together with winding roads, hillside towns, tall cypress trees, some of the best olive oil and it’s own fair share of truffles, is a place so sparsely inhabited that there is more wildlife than people!


And for the cycling enthusiasts, there is no shortage of scenic roads, both for the leisurely riders and adventurers alike. Enjoy the countless trails, surrounded by gorgeous views and stopovers for a snack, coffee or local delicacies.



Montenegro, one of Croatia’s neighbour is surprisingly a great country for adventure, making it one of the best in the Balkans.

More than just beaches and cities, Montenegro is one of the Balkan’s best bets for outdoor adventure. Most of the travellers visiting Croatia head to this country for a day trip or simply include because it is so close and easy to reach.

So even if you are on a short visit to this country, make sure you visit these for doses of adventure.

1. Hike all you want in the Durmitor National Park

Durmitor National Park is much more than you can imagine for a national park. Glacial lakes, dramatic cliffs, gorges, waterfalls, and the mighty Bobotov Kuk mountains offer you plenty for your senses as well for your craving for adventure. Pick the trails you want to go hiking depending on the level of adventure that you seek! Not just hiking, you can even go climbing. Or go rafting in Tara River Canyon, Europe’s deepest river, while enjoying the forests that surround.

If this isn’t enticing enough or you want an adventure of a whole new level, how about trying the 865-meter long zip line that runs over this rushing water from Tara River Bridge?

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2. Go Kayaking in Kotor

Kotor is the most visited places of Montenegro, and if you have seen the pictures of this city, you’ll know why. The stunning bay is home to the world’s greatest fortifications, which offers some fabulous views from the top of the UNESCO heritage site.

Kayaking and Canoeing are among the activities that are most enjoyed by the travellers visiting the Bay. Just don’t forget to absorb the views of the Adriatic coastline.



The little country of Albania has a lot to see and do, and the best part is that most of it remains extremely undiscovered, as well as almost completely unspoiled. Bordering Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo and Montenegro, Albania’s long coastline is one of the most beautiful in the world. Here’s what you can do in Albania.

1. Hike the Albanian Alps

There are many hiking trails to the Alps in Albania of different difficulty levels each offering its unique variations of landscapes and adventures. If you start from Tirana, you can take a ferry trip on the spectacular Lake Koman, go on a trek through the beautiful Valbona Valley and the Theth Valley. You will also get to visit the old Fortress of Kruja in the Albanian hills. Also, go on a hike to the ruins of the Rozafa Castle to admire the spectacular view of the lake.

2. Go Rafting in Çorovode

The Osumi Canyon located near Çorovode is a great place for those who love rafting. There are many day trips to this place from Tirana, and you can go rafting in the Canyon for about 12km, that starts upstream of the Hamuli Bridge and ends at the descent at the Bridge of Çorovoda. This stretch is usually done when the waters are high, which means a lot of fun!


Italy has its unique share of experiences for its travellers, but the adventure is also high on the list. If you want to have a slice of Italy that is not crowded by tourists along with trying some adventure, head to the south. To be precise, fly to Puglia, the region known for more than its turquoise beach and enigmatic coastline.

We picked two of the best things to:

1. Cycle in the countryside of Puglia

The region isn’t short of scenic landscapes dotted with lush forests comprising of pine, oak, and olives, and the hills are perfect for some cycling.

2. Dive in Promontorio del Gargano

adventurous places in adriatic

Gargano National Park located in the province of Foggia is one of Adriatic’s best-kept secrets of Italy. The surreal caves in Promontorio del Gargano are mystic and appealing with the views, but diving through crystal clear waters surpasses the other experiences hands down!

So which is your pick to get started? Where would you begin your Adriatic adventure?