8 Most Unique Experiences In Italy



The birthplace of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance, it’s not surprising that Italy has a huge cultural heritage and should be so rich in masterpieces of art and architecture, but that’s not what all Italy can offer. On top of it, this beautiful country is blessed with stunning nature, such as beaches, lakes, mountains – all in one pack. Ready to have some unique experiences in Italy? 

With plenty of festivals taking place throughout the year, Italy is also a country that should be experienced on every season and this list below shows just what can be done in this beautiful country stretching from Alps to Mediterranean Islands.

Unique experiences in Italy

Go to Parma Ham & Parmigiano Reggiano Factory viewing

A hiddem gem when it comes to unique experiences in Italy, this won’t only provide knowledge but also snacks at every step. Seeing how actually ham and Parmigiano Reggiano are made in its homeland Parma is definitely one of a kind experience, witnessing the whole process from raw to product is not only satisfying but also informative at the same time. You’ll end up with a unique experience coupled with a unique knowledge of the whole process.

There should be several options and companies organizing these kind of tours over there, but this one seems to be the most well-organized ones with proper guides and a lot of tastings on every step. You should be able to find separate tours as well if you are more into exploring one of those products.

Take a Snav ferry from Naples to Capri

It will cost you less than €50 it will take less than an hour. A journey starting from the beautiful Neapolitan port and immersing into infinite mediterranean is something worth experiencing. You can check the schedule right on their website.

Once arrived in Capri go to Grotta Azzuro and take a bout tour to make the experience complete. Grotta Azzuro – which is being translated as The Blue Grotto is a sea cave, with the sunlight passing through and shining through the seawater, which creates a blue reflection that illuminates the cavern. Stunningly beautiful and magical scenery that seems too good to be a reality.

Go to an event at Verona’s Arena

One of the best-preserved examples of a Roman amphitheatre, built back in the first century. Nowadays, it hosts numerous events throughout the year, most of them being opera performances. The capacity is 15,000 people, but used to be a lot more back in Roman times.

Definitely one of the best unique experiences in Italy listed here, the Arena holds events throughout the year, so regardless of the season there should be something going on. If you want to plan ahead you can check their schedule here.

Just one look at the picture illuminated with lights takes your breath away, so regardless of your music preferences, we believe it’s something worth including in your bucket list of unique experiences.

Explore Puglia Region and stay in a Trullo

Alberobello – that’s how is called the town in this beautiful region that is famous for its unique houses called Trulli. These buildings with a cylinder on the top are built solely using dry stone. The form is quite simple and looks really cozy and unique.

The town itself is really small with a population of about 10,000 people but is relatively famous locally for these very weird and cute buildings, which ended up being designated as a UNESCO World Heritage about 20 years ago.

There are about 1500 trullis in Alberobello and a lot of them are turned into accommodation for tourists. There is a belief that they were built as some form of a tax evasion back then, since Alberobello officially became a town only in the 18th century.

Wandering through the streets filled with buildings reminding some cartoons in the very south of Italy should definitely be a part of our list.

Rent a vintage Fiat 500 and go wine tasting in Tuscany

Being the home of the renaissance with Florence as its capital, Tuscany has always been famous for its exceptional wine, and has a huge wine heritage and is considered to be one of the first places that started making wine at all.

With plenty of wine tasting tours being offered anyone can find something suitable. And getting a vintage fiat 500 for a day or two is easier than it might seem. Several local car rental agencies do offer vintage options since it is becoming a thing. You can rent one here.

Don’t be surprised to see tour packages including both at the same time, but we believe that picking them separately and planning everything on your own should make your experience more adventurous.

Drink from a 24 hour red wine fountain in Abruzzo

Yes, it is real. Somewhere in the world, more specifically in Italy, there is wine fountain that works 24 hours and without any access restrictions, you can basically fulfill your wine needs whenever you want to.

So called Fontana di Vino is located in Abruzzo region in a small town called Caldari di Ortona and it was inspired by its alternative that was built in Spain several years ago.

It has been initiated by a local vineyard and by non profit organizations, and the purpose was to create something that Italy has never seen before, there used to be a wine fountain that was open for holidays and some weekends, but not 24/7.

Gelato University in Bologna

The only university you would want to go while travelling. Another unique experience very typical to Italy. A place where all the secrets of magical italian gelato are shared. It is an actual official school that was founded by Carpigiani, a famous ice-cream machine maker with a purpose to share all the details of ice-cream making process with young people.

Started in 2013, now it has more than 10,000 students from all over the world, offering different kind of courses of different lengths from a few days to a month or two with a price of €800 or less, depending on the length of the course.

Whether you are really interested in learning the art and the science of making the Italian gelato in order to be able to make it yourself or to open a gelato store in your town, or if it’s just an expression of curiosity and you want to take a course taking a day or two, it’s definitely worth trying.

Polignano a Mare

One of those places, that the words are probably not enough to describe. Known as “Pearl of the Adriatic”, it is an extremely beautiful town surrounded with caves and cliffs and famous for its crystal clear waters, which makes it the ultimate place to enjoy the sea from a completely different perspective.

Lama Monachile is its main beach and what people usually imagine while thinking about Polignano a Mare. It’s also what you are probably going to end up seeing while googling the town. It’s a cute little rocky beach bordered by natural stones from left and right make it a really unique place and a great spot to admire the Adriatic.

If you drive down further you will end up in another town called Monopoli, which is another extremely charming town, something in between Bari and Polignano a Mare, resembling the later in terms of its but much bigger in terms of size and population.