7 Best Beach Destinations in Croatia For Digital Nomads



In the previous posts, we told you why Croatia is the perfect place for digital nomads, and also brought you the 10 best co-working places along with pointing out the 15 hidden gems in the country. So we went a step further, to spot the 7 best beach destinations in Croatia for digital noamds. Because we know that working by sun-kissed beaches sipping your favourite cocktail is how you digital nomads love it best!

So here are the 7 best beach destinations in Croatia for digital nomads!

1 – Split

The second largest city in Croatia, Split is on top of our list of the best beach destinations in Croatia for reasons more than one! Located in the center of Dalmatia region, Split is a stop-over for many thousands of tourists heading to the southern Croatian destinations.


With a good climate during the spring which continues until October, amazing sea food and wonderful places to explore, Split attracts a lot of travelers around the year. The gorgeous beaches are not very far from the center. The nearest and the most visited is Bacvice beach. The hills of Marjan also open up to pristine beaches. You can enjoy a leisurely swim, or watch/partake in a game of picigin.

Plus, being on the list of popular Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia also has seen a high surge of fans checking out Split. Also, regular daily ferries take you to the islands to some of the most secluded beaches in the region.

Split for digital nomads: There are a few good co-working places in Split like Amosfera, WiP co-working and Cocreative co-working with great internet, inspiring views of the sea and a friendly ambiance.

2 – Zadar

Zadar is considered as one of the coolest cities in Croatia, thanks to the majestic hillocks, picturesque Dalmatian coast home to splendid beaches like Saharun. Also add to these the top-notch seafood, especially the local fish cuisines, Zadar would turn addictive!

7 best beach destinations in croatia for digital nomads

Zadar for digital nomads: Zadar is ranked second after capital Zagreb in NomaldList’s best cities in Croatia for many reasons combined – the internet speed is great, the cost of living and safety are better, and the food is excellent. Coin Zadar is the most popular co-working space in Zadar.

3 – Rijeka

If you wish to enjoy the Mediterranean vibes in a perfect climate savoring delectable cuisines and soothing music, Rijeka is for you. The town has some of the best beaches and beckons travelers for its pubs, rustic fishing homes, and scenic views. Rijeka can be regarded as a replica of Split except at lower costs.

7 best beach destinations in croatia for digital nomads

Rijeka for digital nomads: Start hubs being created in the recent years near the city center has led to the developments of co-working spaces for digital nomads. KIWI space is a popular co-working space.

4 – Brac

Brac is one of the popular islands of Croatia known especially for its beach towns adorning the Adriatic coast. From being a getaway for beach vacations for families and tourists, it is gaining attention among the digital nomad community for its pleasant and affordable lifestyle.

7 best beach destinations in croatia for digital nomads

The Zlatni Rat, located close to Bol is one of the marvelous beach destination that is home to mountains dotted with stone pine and oak.

Brac for digital nomads: With the best beaches just a few steps away some of which have excellent cafes, Brac is good to work from cafes overlooking the views given the costs are not too high.

5 – Krk

The largest of the Adriatic islands and well-populated, Krk has grown to be more than the vibrant Venetian style buildings along the coast. The bustling vibes and laid-back beaches coupled with scrumptious food are enough to convince the visitors.

7 best beach destinations in croatia for digital nomads

The benefits of working from a small town while enjoying the luxuries it offers at reasonable cost apply to Krk, an addition being excellent beach destinations close by.

6 – Hvar

Hvar is home to many ancient homes, some of them belonging to medieval times, and thus enriched with architecture and history all set against a gorgeous backdrop of turquoise seas and a coast that is devoid of mainstream tourists makes it an attractive destination among the young travelers.

7 best beach destinations in croatia for digital nomads

The experience of living in an old town surrounded by beaches and a very good climate conditions could be yours as a digital nomad if you choose Hvar!

7 – Zlarin

If the ruins of Roman settlements dominate the streets of Zlarin, the coast houses the homes of fishermen who go after corals in the pretty beaches. A beautiful mix of a glorious history, culture, and quiet beach shores make Zlarin appealing.

7 best beach destinations in croatia for digital nomads

Also, the fact that you can rent some beautiful properties at surprisingly low prices where you can wake up to these picturesque landscapes make Zlarin alluring. If you are a digital nomad wishing to move away from big cities to find your creativity and freedom soar, Zlarin helps you to live your adventure for sure!

These are our picks for the beach destinations in Croatia for you to work, live and enjoy the best. What are your recommendations?

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Have you lived in any of these amazing places?