5 Steps to Become a Travel Blogger



To become travel blogger can seem like a dream come true to many people these days. However, traveling the world for a living while learning new languages, experiencing different cultures and sharing your stories might not be as simple as it seems. It takes a lot of hard work creating quality content, staying on top of technology and social media trends and surprisingly, not as much travel as you may think. 

A Travel Blogger is someone that has its own professional blog running with quality content every single week, followed by constant social media presence carefully curated. It is a business, and just like any other, you have to invest time and money if you want to see it thrive in the long run.  For beginners, it might be frustrating but in the long term it will pay off.

But it does sound like a very interesting career, right? Who wouldn’t want to travel the world, write about what they see and still get paid for it? Every travel enthusiast probably. 

And, if you are reading this, you are most likely looking for a way to become a travel blogger too. Let’s get started on the first 5 Steps to Become a Travel Blogger!


1- Figure out your purpose


There are two main ingredients to become a successful travel blogger:  Passion and Expertise. Everything that you decide to do in this life has to be done with passion and everything that you produce must be valuable to whoever reads as it must come from your experience or expertise.

According to your expertise, you have to figure out your purpose. his means you have to use what you know and make sure you reach the right people, the ones that are interested in what you have to tell. 

For this, you have to find your niche. You have to be specific and target a restricted group of people. Many are working this way because the market is saturated with Travel Bloggers of all sorts. Solo Traveling, Hitchhiking, Back Packing – These sound very specific but they are also saturated.

You have to dig deep into yourself and find what makes your own way of traveling unique. There’s always something new that you have to teach to others, you just have to figure it out. Start by noticing the small details that make your trips different and enjoyable to you. Maybe start going to unknown places in the world. These little changes already filter a lot of topics that could make your travel log truly unique.

2- Set up your Blog



This is a very obvious tip, but to become a travel blogger, you really have to spend some time building your blog. Make sure to create a space that reflects what you are and what you write about. 

The first thing to think about: name. Try to come up with something that relates to people and catches their attention and makes them question what they could possibly find there. It is your identity so it is crucial that it relates perfectly to the content that you put out every single time.

The next step is when you have to start getting technical. Register a domain name that should go along with the name of your blog and is easy to remember. You will also need some high-quality web hosting. For beginners, we recommend that you consider Bluehost. You must make sure that your blog is running smoothly and it offers a pleasant stay to your readers.

Another important step is to make sure that your website shows up as secure because no one will want to enter a suspicious website even if there’s nothing wrong with it. For a long time now, Google has been ranking multiple websites as insecure for not possessing an SSL certificate, which you can purchase and activate very quickly – it’s a very worthy investment. If you don’t have any bases on Web-Design, we recommend that you start with WordPress pre-designed template which is easy to manage and customize. 

When you have all of this setup, make sure you pick the right tools to go along with it. If you are using WordPress, pick an SEO tool such as Yoast SEO, prevent spam messages with Akismet Anti Spam and make sure your website is as smooth as possible with Autoptimize

Lastly, make sure you always have a backup of your blog. Sometimes something goes wrong and it’s perfectly normal. Just make sure you don’t wake up to an unpleasant surprise.


3- Create quality content regularly 

This part is both challenging and exciting. When you start planning the content you want to produce, you realize that you do have a lot of great ideas and this might actually work out better than you expected – this is the exciting part. The challenging part? we are talking about delivering quality content on a regular basis, emphasis on regular, as consistency is key. For a beginner, this might be hard as we don’t realize that in early stages this part will consume a lot of our precious time. 

become a travel blogger


A successful Travel Blogger is writing anywhere whenever there is free time – on a long bus ride, on the plane, before going to bed, it doesn’t matter. If you write a little bit every time you have 10 minutes free, you will end up writing an entire article at the end of the week. But also, don’t think this is enough like we mentioned before, this is a real job and if you want to be successful, you have to put in the hours. 

A travel journal is also a strategy that is used a lot by travel bloggers and that a beginner could try out. There is nothing better than having a full day of exploring and then writing all about it at the end of the day. This way you will not forget a single detail that impacted you and you’ll be able to convey the same feeling to the reader.

Also, there comes a time where ideas might run out. That’s why it’s always good to carry a small notebook to write down whenever you remember something you could write about. 


4- Build your Social Media

After setting up your blog and having the content in place to get started, you need to tell people that you are a travel blogger and that your blog exists. This is where Social Media comes into play.


There are many social media channels that you could use to drive traffic to your blog. For a beginner, social media is an essential tool to get the first views. For an expert, it is essential to keep growing and to increase traffic. Some social media channels where you should be present are Facebook and Instagram. You could also consider Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest.

Even though many people don’t believe Facebook is essential anymore,  in fact, it is still a channel that drives a lot of traffic if you know how to use it. As a beginner, start by creating a Facebook page and sharing your work on your personal profile. After, ask your friends to share and join groups to spread the word. If you create attractive content that catches people’s attention, they will take a look and if they like what they read, they will come back.

Instagram allows you to share your experiences in a much personal and direct way. Through Instagram Stories you can engage with your audience and showcase your work in a much more dynamic way. Through the feed, you can share where you’ve been and small excerpts from your blog content. As a travel blogger, you need to stay appealing and show on social media that what you live is authentic and Instagram is the perfect tool for that.

Other Social Media channels such as Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest can be good alternatives too, depending on what you want to do with your content and if you want to be present on more platforms. Twitter is a great platform for conversations and shorter content. Pinterest is a great driver of traffic on Google and it’s a good place to invest your efforts as a beginner. And finally, Youtube is perfect for those that want to take their travel blogging experience to a whole new level by making videos about their experiences. Just have in mind that if you chose to be present in one social media, you should have some quality content to offer. It’s always better to be great in one or two social channels then be bad in a whole bunch.

5- Build a Mailing List

When you are a travel blogger and you share your work online, one big risks that you have is being too dependent on social media platforms, owned by big companies and in which you have no control over.   You might wake up one day and Facebook or Instagram have completely changed their algorithm and now none of your content will be seen, and there will be nothing that you can do to stop it. However, there are only two things that you control – your website and your mailing list.

Think about it. You have full control of the mailing list and you are sure that your content will be sent to those emails. People will see that at least there is something new from you and if they really love what you write, they will click and read. This is why mailing lists are so important because these are the ones that trusted you enough to give you their contact and that is why they are extremely valuable. So one of your first actions on your road to becoming a travel blogger is to set up your mailing list and start gathering those emails! To build a great Mailing List, you also need to have a quality mailing service. For beginners and even experts, we recommend Mailchimp.

All that you need to do now is to start. Remember that it is important to not give up and to be consistent. As a Travel Blogger, and in just like any other business, if you slip too many times, people will stop trusting you and will stay away from your content.  So focus on delivering quality content and make sure you reach out through social media.

Lastly, don’t forget to always follow your passion and focus on your expertise. Being different and unique is the key to being successful. And if you are not sure where you should go to next, check out our listings and book your next adventure with us!