From majestic landscapes consisting of lush mountains to crazy adventurous road trips, movies always have served as a platter of inspiration over years, catering to our little imagination and making us go after the fabulous locations across the world to fulfill our wanderlust. But have you wondered which are the best travel movies that have been made?

Whether you are looking for some movies for a movie marathon or need a dose of travel inspiration, here are the 20 best travel movies to inspire wanderlust.

01 – Into the Wild

Considered as one of the contemporary classic books of the same name, Into the Wild is a movie for every travel seeking wanderlust soul. Set in the rugged Alaska and the west coast of the US, this story is about a young man’s journey in the wilderness of Alaska and within himself after he gives away all his money in charity to discover life.

best travel movies

We get to see the mesmerizingly beautiful and dangerous terrain of Alaska, which is compelling enough to inspire wanderlust.

02 – The Motorcycle Diaries

Based on the popular classic book by the same name, The Motorcycle Diaries is the journey of Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara in his young days across South America, which had a profound impact on his life that shaped him to be the leader.

best travel movies

From the iconic Machu Picchu to the streets of Buenos Aires to the Atacama desert, we are taken on a splendid visual journey of the South American continent in this movie.

03 – Seven Years in Tibet

Seven years in Tibet is a movie that shows how adventures during travels can transform one’s life. Based on the true story of Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian mountain climber, this movie is about his attempt to conquer a mountain in the Himalayas at the time of Chinese attack on Tibet, where he encounters the young Dalai Lama.

best travel movies

Intense, moving, and filled with the landscapes of the Himalayas, this journey of the man takes the viewers on a virtual expedition.

04 – Under The Tuscan Sun

Set in the gorgeous landscape of Tuscany, this movie is for the ones that want to explore the beauty of Italy. The story revolves around the city where a woman who is a writer impulsively buys a home in Tuscany hoping to change our lives.

best travel movies

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05 – Wild

Grief changes us in ways that we cannot imagine. Wild is a movie that portrays sorrow and travel beautifully, both that strikes a young woman.

best travel movies

After losing her mother, the protagonist goes on a 1,100-mile solo hike on the Pacific crest trail, that takes us through her varying emotions along with the stunning backdrops of the Pacific.

06 – The Darjeeling Limited

best travel movies

The Darjeeling Limited introduces to incredible India as three well-off brothers embark a road trip across the country in an attempt to reconcile after their father’s loss. A movie that makes you want to visit India while keeping you entertained.

07 – The Bucket List


best travel movies

A heartwarming story of two old men battling terminal cancer, The Bucket List brings tears as the men escape the hospital to check off the places in the world of their list, showcasing the importance of living the life to the fullest.

08 – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

best travel movies

Shot in many bewitching countries around the world including Iceland, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is the story of a guy who hates his job and secretly dreams of a different version of himself. When he is about to lose his job, he goes on a self-exploring journey around the globe.

09 – The Way

best travel movies

A father embarks on a journey in Spain’s Camino de Santiago trail to honour his son’s wish after he passes away. The story shows Spain’s best side as the father encounters unexpected and overwhelming adventures in his journey.

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10 – The Beach

A movie that turned the quaint island of Phuket in Thailand into one of the most popular beach destinations in the world, The Beach is also regarded as one of the best works of Leonardo Dicaprio.

best travel movies

We get to see the pristine beaches of Koh Samui and other islands of Thailand as the protagonist sets out to find where a map that he gets leads him.

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11 – Before Sunrise

If you are into romantic movies, Before Sunrise would probably become your favorite one! Two travelers meet on a train while traveling in Europe. They have 12 hours that they spend in Vienna in Austria, knowing that they wouldn’t meet again.

best travel movies

The movie travels in time as slowly as possible capturing beautiful moments between the two while depicting the city of Vienna.

12 – Midnight in Paris

best travel movies

Combine the best of the things and you produce a masterpiece – That’s the movie Midnight in Paris, which brings to life the beauty of the romantic Paris when an aspiring novelist suddenly goes on time travel as it explores the city with his fiancee’s family.

13 – A Map for Saturday

best travel movies

A map for Saturday resonates the best with you if belong to ‘I quit the job to travel the world’ tribe that has been picking up the pace and growing up like never before. It’s about the story of a man who quits his comfortable job and sets out to trot the globe for more than a year.

14 – In Bruges

best travel movies

When a hitman and his partner seek refuge in the city of Bruges in Belgium, there is certainly a lot that is going to happen, but in the city that one can expect. If you wish to discover a part of Belgium, In Bruges is the perfect movie to explore.

15 – The Grand Budapest Hotel

best travel movies

The Grand Budapest Hotel is fiction retold in Germany, as the adventures of Gustave H unfolds in the form of black comedy. The surreal beauty of the town of Saxony comes alive in the movie, enticing everyone for a German expedition!

16 – Lost in Translation

best travel movies

Japan is one of the most desired countries on the list for all the travelers, and Lost in Translation leads you to the charming city of Kyoto as it entwines the path of two completely different people that cross each other while traveling in the city.

17 – The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

best travel movies

An Australian adventure served right through the characters that weave the story with Priscilla, the bus named by a transgender woman and two drag performers sums up The Adventures of Priscilla. A movie worth watching for its quirky adventures.

18 – Tracks

best travel movies

Tracks is the movie that covers the length of Australia in all its splendor. A journey of a woman with her four camels and a dog, Tracks takes you through the beautiful topography of the country as she goes on a 1700-mile trek.

19 – How Much Further

best travel movies

How much further is about two women travelers who go on backpacking in Ecuador. The whirlwind journey of the women in the scenic trails of the country is compelling enough to convince you to visit Ecuador!

20 – The Road Within

best travel movies

The Road Within is another movie that involves the ways of people of dealing with bereavement as the protagonists go on a road trip in the US. What better than the US for an epic road trip with some soul searching?

So, now you know our pick of the best travel movies, which is your favorite movie that makes you pack your bags?

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