17 Useful Websites For Every Digital Nomad – From Jobs to Resources



Professionals in search of a life with location independence, work-life balance and comfortable accommodations no longer have to fear the great unknown. Though there is no real estimate of the number of digital nomads in the world, there’s no question that the nomadic lifestyle is vastly spreading, for all age groups and demographics.

According to Forbes, with the current global economy shift and corresponding trends for workers and employers, more and more people will be remote workers—and if they choose, digital nomads.

The attraction is inevitable. Companies are now hiring more independent contractors, freelancers and consultants, eliminating expensive overhead costs like insurance for full-time employees and office-space rental.

With greater amounts of the population working in tech, highly qualified developers and blockchain engineers can choose to work autonomously, traveling and moving around as much as they see fit. Even entry-level workers are free to look for work outside of their immediate area, and possibly build a comfortable life in another country.

As Forbes mentions, even though a vast amount of the population will be moving towards remote work, we can’t say what kind of nomads they will be. Some might try it out for a season while others will make it a lifestyle.

Whether you find yourself flirting with the idea of becoming a digital nomad or are already reaping the benefits of location independence, you’ll need a substantial supply of resources to keep you on track. Fortunately, this new way of life has inspired a wealth of resources that cover everything from day-to-day organization to accommodations. Every digital nomad should keep this list of 17 useful websites close by!

Getting Around:

Find Near Me

Membership: Free

Download the Find Near Me app on your phone, tablet, or laptop, and take comfort in knowing that all of your day-to-day necessities are at your fingertips. With the Find Near Me app, you can locate the nearest wi-fi hotspot, grocery store, gas station, hospital, or even pizzeria. It won’t take long for you to get acquainted with your new area and feel like one of the locals.

Rome 2 Rio

Membership: Free

There’s nothing worse than navigating through foreign websites and outdated travel forums in search of the easiest way to reach your destination. On Rome 2 Rio, you type in where you want to go—and the website does all the work. Whether you need to fly, take a ferry, rideshare or hail a cab, Rome 2 Rio shows you all of your options, including travel time and price.

Destinations & Accommodations:

Nomad List

Membership: Free

One of the biggest questions for a digital nomad is often: where to next? Be it price, quality of life, or even internet stability, narrowing down the ultimate city for your next extended stay has never been easier. Nomad list is a crowdsourced database that helps nomads from around the globe mull through over 250,000 data points to find their next “home.” Nomad List is an excellent resource that allows you to make enlightened decisions.

GoGo Places

Membership: Free

When it comes to locking down solid accommodations in a new city, there’s a lot at risk. GoGo Places eliminates the stress of big deposits, reference checks and suffocating leases. Nomads can take advantage of a destination’s “off-season” by locking in lower rent prices for some of the most beautiful locations around the world. Create an account, choose from an extensive catalog of properties and stay for a month… or longer!



Membership: Free- Upwork takes a percentage of earnings

Upwork is simple. Create an eye-grabbing profile, list your skills, update your availability, set your hourly rate and start applying for gigs. If you’re the right fit, you’ll accept the client’s terms, track time and get paid all through Upwork. Upwork rates tend to be lower than industry standards and the platform charges a service fee on all earnings. Though this might not be ideal for seasoned professionals, it is a great platform for independents who are looking to get their feet wet.


Membership: Free

As the self-proclaimed home for the top 1% of online freelancers, FreeeUp is a platform specifically tailored to e-commerce freelancers and employers. With a substantial vetting process, the caliber of jobs and hourly rates are significantly higher than other platforms. Once you’re in the FreeeUp marketplace, interviews and hiring processes move quickly.


Membership: Free

If you’re eager to be on the ground floor of the next up and coming startup, AngelList is the place to look. From blockchain technology and website development to content curation and social media management, AngelList is a breeding ground for inspiring startups—all looking for enthusiastic talent like you. Unlike many online job platforms, most AngelList listings are offering full or part-time positions.

We Work Remotely

Membership: Free

Programmers and designers might have an abundance of jobs to choose from on We Work Remotely, but digital marketers, copywriters and even customer support agents have some solid choices as well. Straight to the point with no frills or thrills, this site is a go-to spot for serious nomads who want to find a reliable position.

Organizational Tools:


Membership: Free

With draggable boards, lists and cards, Trello allows you to systemize your projects in a way that makes sense for you, and your colleagues. Integrate the apps needed for daily tasks, add attachments or comments, and invite your team to collaborate on projects—all on one platform.


Membership: Free for 1 person-up to 2 projects

One of the most important parts of working remotely can also be one of the most time-consuming and frustrating. Yes, we’re talking about timesheets and invoicing. Whether it’s by the hour, or on a per-project basis, you can easily track time, expenses and deadlines all within Harvest. The best part—you can export invoices directly from your account and straight to your client’s inbox.


Membership: Basic plans starting at $39

Harness the power of your network with Contactually, no matter where you are in the world. This app can sync your email, phone and communication history to ensure that your network is always up to date. Organize and prioritize your contacts so that you never miss an opportunity.

Every Time Zone

Membership: Free

Most nomads have experienced a dramatic mental flurry when trying to calculate time differences so they don’t miss an urgent meeting or deadline. When working with a variety of projects that span continents and oceans, it’s always nice to have a handy tool that literally keeps you on time. Every Time Zone is a simple web page that allows you to easily decipher time differences.


Membership: Free sign-up

Get rid of notepads, sticky notes, screenshots and miscellaneous files littered across your desktop. Evernote is the ultimate tool for organizing even the most scattered thoughts. You can search through your own links, audio files and hand-written notes to make your workday productive and hassle-free.


Membership: Sign-up is free

With flight, train and taxi itineraries, traveling can quickly become stressful. TripIt keeps all of your travel plans together, so all you have to do is show up with your ticket and luggage in hand. Forward your confirmation emails to TripIt and they handle the rest. Access your travel plans from any device and never dig through your email inbox again.

Rescue Time

Membership: Free lite plan

The enticing distractions of working at home can quickly take away the liberation of remote work. If social networks are getting in the way of your looming deadlines, Rescue Time is the perfect cure. This platform tracks the time you spend on websites and applications, allowing you to set and monitor goals through weekly reports.

Work Spaces:


Membership: Starts at 49€ per month

Finding the right co-working space is almost as valuable as choosing the perfect city. With CoPass, you gain access to a network of over 800 co-working spaces, all with one pass. The process for Copass couldn’t be easier. After you’ve made an account, find the co-working space that fits your needs, check yourself in and get to work.


Membership: $99

Cater your workspace to your needs. Do you prefer an upscale environment? Want to work in a space filled with tech-minded folks? Do you have an inkling for coffee shops? The Desk.Work app allows you to tailor your account to the kind of co-working space you desire. With co-working spaces in over 80 countries, you’re likely to find something that aligns with your workday.