With Instagram being the newly discovered app for the youth to connect and flaunt, every Instagrammer is on a quest to capture phenomenal landscapes, dreamy beaches, delectable cuisines from across the world.

Greece, the country that is the potpourri of the west and the eastern worlds, is alluring with its culture, rugged mountain cliffs, impeccable beaches and the exquisite history.

In this post, we bring to you the 11 best Instagram-worthy locations in Greece. Check it out!

1 – Milos


Located south-west of the Cyclades in Greece, Milos is the place for its classic beaches. More than 70 stunning beaches laden with crystal-clear white sand beckons the travelers all through the year. The vibrant homes dotting the shore alongside the turquoise waters coupled with the white washed landscape makes it the most visited island in Greece during summer.

Mikros Apoplous, a restaurant by the beach in Adamas is worth visiting for the seafood. There are many restaurants in Pollonia serving excellent food, some of them being Enalion and Gialos for delicious desserts or wine.

2 – Mykonos


From the picturesque coastline home to gorgeous beaches to the rustic charm of the old town, Mykonos is the place to be if you are into photography or just love admiring the natural beauty. As for the pictures for Instagram? Well, you’ll be spoilt for choices, and it is going to get hard for you to pick! Like this lovely windmill, which looks so pretty with the sea.

3 – Meteora


Meteora is probably Greece’s best Instagram-worthy destination. Home to the most ancient and the unique UNESCO heritage listed monasteries in the world, Meteora is a must visit place for history dating back to thousands of years, tall monolithic stones that form huge boulders surrounded by the mountains atop which the beautiful monasteries of the Great Meteoron and the monastery of Varlaam.

4 – Skiathos


Well connected by flights from many cities of Greece, this northern most island in the Sporades region, Skiathos is all green and blue shades that form the remarkable landscapes. The mountains studded with pine trees lead to cliff tops overlooking the peninsulas, capes and amazing coastline.

5 – Kefalonia



If capturing medieval castles atop the cliffs surrounded by imposing coastline, the island of Kefalonia is where you should head. The largest of the Ionian islands, Kefalonia is home to many charming beaches including Myrtos, Antisamos, Assos and Skala.

6 – Symi


The quaint island of Symi is the land of hidden monasteries, classical mansions of the medieval times, and scenic harbors that are home to the prettiest yachts belonging to the French and the Italians. The whole of the island can be best explored by foot as you discover cobbled streets with colorful buildings with stone pine clad mountains in the behind, overlooking the blue sea.

7 – Rhodes


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More than its impressive sun-kissed beaches, the postcard like cobbled streets flanked by striking cafes and the nightlife encompassing astir crowd is what Rhodes is well-known for, and is rightly so! The largest of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes is where you can taste the best of Greece’s cuisine, making it the best place for delicious food and wine pictures for Instagram!

8 – Corfu


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Corfu is regarded by many as one of the islands of Greece that is more family-friendly because of its cosmopolitan set up, and hence is a popular place among the digital nomad families. The second largest of the Ionian islands, Corfu charms its travelers with its Venetian style streets and decor.

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While you are in Corfu, there is the smallest of the Ionian islands of Greece, Paxi or Paxos, about 15km from Corfu. Secluded and untouched for the most part, you’ll stumble upon the quiet fishing villages dotted with olive trees and walls all worth flaunting on Instagram! It is the place to shoot the pictures adorned with yachts lining up the coast against the deep blue waters of the sea.

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9 – Crete


The largest and the most populous Island of Greece, Crete is the most visited island in the country for various reasons, the top being the exotic smaller islands, which are home to exquisite beaches, food, history, and people. If the Venetian style of Chania located in the northern most point of Crete is highly popular among the Europeans, the islands of Rethymno, Heraklion or the most secluded island of Lassithi are best known for the white sand beaches with little crowd, picturesque fishing villages and excellent food and wine.

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10 – Lesvos


Lesvos or Mytilini is the third largest island in Greece after Crete and Evia and is more than just another Greek island. Why? Well, the secluded beaches in the island are yet to turn in to touristy places, despite the surprisingly good connectivity from Greece. You can hike, ride a bike in the exuberant forests composed of pine, chestnut and oak trees or hop the islands to soak in the views of the pristine beaches.

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11 – Santorini

The spectacular island of Santorini needs no special introduction, so much that when you think of islands of Greece, the skyline filled with white buildings adorned blue doors lined up along the coast of Aegean sea comes to mind immediately. To top this off, Santorini is also home to some volcanic mountains, which give away to incredible views!


While these are the best that we have picked, it is really hard to select only a few in a country as beautiful as Greece. Also check the islands of Kastelorizo, Syros, Ithaka and Hydra for more Instagrammable pictures of the best of the Greek islands!

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So these are our picks for the 11 Best Instagram-Worthy Destinations in Greece. Which is your favorite Greek Island and Why?

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