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We are enabling people to experience living in places they might not have known existed, for a fraction of what they’re paying at their current “homes”. In addition, we are enabling homeowners to earn additional income with their homes.


Mediterranean as it once was

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Portugal, at the end of the world

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Italy leaves its mark

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Welcome to the Heart of the Mediterranean

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Emerald of the Equator

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Where East meets West

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kes otsib, see leiab

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There are literally millions of unused vacation homes all over the world. Once the summer ends, or the last patch of snow has melted the places get locked up, only to sit there empty until next year. What a waste! The crowds are gone, the prices drop, and it's the time when the locals get to rest and enjoy life and everything that their surroundings have to offer.

We’re creating a community-driven platform to connect people and places, and offer opportunities to experience local life at a much lower cost. Whilst creating a thriving mix of artists, entrepreneurs, free spirits and adventurers who would bring life to the “off season” of sleepy towns.

Instead of going the traditional route, with lease signing, reference checking, big deposits, and endless back and forth with the landlord, you sign up once, and you get to go places. Stay for a month, or make it a way of life.

Connect People and Places

Community Driven Platforms

Sign Up Once, Go Places

Off Season Rates

Experience Local Life



Why let your home sit empty?
Earn some income during the off-season!

Don’t let your vacation home sit unused after the season is over. We screen all potential renters through our technology to ensure that they treat and care for your home as they would their own.

It’s simple to apply; we will do the rest.


About Us

We have always been members of the clean plate club, who don’t like to see anything go to waste. Not the last slice of bread, not the packing peanuts from an amazon shipment and especially, not the seaside homes during the “off-season”, or mountain villas when there is no snow.

Dren Luci
Co-Founder & Chief Architect

Growing up I would LIVE for the two weeks I would take the family vacation and go to the beach—everything was exciting, new friends, new places, new experiences, and everything felt different from the mundane life at home.

Heading back was the second saddest day of the year. And each time before leaving I would ask my parents why we couldn't live there, and the answer was always, “It can't be done”. I could never understand why not. Fast forward to 2015, I bought a place by the beach in Croatia, we packed up and set out to prove it that it could be done.

Epi Ludvik Nekaj
Founding Board Member

I was visiting Dren at his place in Croatia in 2016. As we were chatting about the local market and discussing its potential, to our surprise we noticed that most of the vacation homes are only rented out on average of two and a half months out of the year.

And almost instantly the question came up: What if we develop an online platform that brings a different type of tourism during off-season? All of the idle homes during off-season can be rented out to other people from nearby countries.

The rest is history.

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About Us

GoGo Places is a community driven platform to connect people and places, and offer opportunities to experience local life at a much lower cost.